"Login to Post a Reply" on this forum

Not sure where to post this so here goes.

On this forum, when I browse to a thread before logging in and then click on the "Login to post a reply" button at the end of the thread, I get bumped to the forum homepage after logging in and have to navigate to the thread again instead of being taken to the page where I can post.


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    I'll see what we can do to get Vanilla forums to improve this. Thank you for reporting it, @MVRLon. I agree that it would be more convenient to be taken back to the page where you were. It would seem to imply that, and then it feels like you have been tricked. :)

    For now, I just always log in first before I do anything else. In fact, there are two parts of my strategy:

    1. I only ever visit the forums via: ⌥⌘\ then type to find my Login and press Return. Go & Fill FTW!
    2. I am pretty much always logged in. (I do work for AgileBits, though, so I understand that my case is probably different than most folks).
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