'change password' URL API standard for mass-updating passwords

Updating passwords is slow and laborious. Ideally, i would like to change mine every 12 months, but updating 700 sites required a bit of effort and time.

Agile Bits should push for a 'change password' standard that all websites and frameworks could implement, which would allow password apps to change the password from within the app, just sending a JSON or XML command/packet over SSL/HTTPS with details like:

which could go to domain.com/api/user/update-password

If the top password apps got together to build the standard, and then started to ask frameworks, apps, and large websites to support it, i think a change could start to happen.



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    It sure would be awesome. While it would require the buy-in of every single website on the Internet (or at least the most popular ones) to be very useful, we never say "never". :)

    I like your ambitious thinking!

  • For the full hog at get a W3C standard ratified ;)

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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