Setting up Local Folder Sync


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edited July 2014 in Android Beta

Folder sync has been implemented in beta 10. You will need to go through the welcome screen and select "I'm an existing 1Password user" -> "My 1Password data is stored locally" and select your agilekeychain through the file manager.

If you have already set up a agilekeychain with 1Password and would like to switch to folder sync, you will need to reset all of 1Password's data & settings and start it up as if you are running it for the very first time. The beta does not support switching from a preexisting configuration at the moment. Here's what you will need to do if you have already set up 1Password:

This will remove all of your 1Password data on the device. Please make sure to safely store any new items that have not synced over, everything will be deleted permanently.

  • Go into Device Settings > Apps > 1Password and tap "Clear data"

You can now launch 1Password Beta and continue through the welcome screen to set up folder sync.

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