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redclawredclaw Junior Member

I recently purchased 1Password 4 via the Parallels Bundle just last month. Is there any way to transfer the license from the downloaded version to the Mac Apple Store version without having to repurchase the Mac App Store release? I would much rather go through the App Store instead of having to download this individually as it's simpler to handle updates.


  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @redclaw,

    Unfortunately not. Apple doesn't provide any way for developers to migrate users to the Mac App Store. The only way possible to get the Mac App Store version is to buy it from the Mac App Store.

  • pmcarrionpmcarrion Junior Member
    edited March 2014

    How about the other way around? MAS to AgileBits?

  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @pmcarrion,

    Yes, it is possible to switch from the Mac App Store to the AgileBits website version. We don't encourage it, but if you'd like a website license, please send your MAS receipt to: [email protected]

  • bobbdbobbd Junior Member

    I've been considering moving from the Mac App Store to the website version. I use Dropbox to sync and although I originally thought the Mac App Store was great, I worry about Apple becoming more restrictive and sandboxy. Is there any particular reason for not encouraging people to move other than Apple might not like it? Are there extra upgrade costs?



  • pmcarrionpmcarrion Junior Member

    Hi JasperP,

    I just forwarded you my MAS receipt.

    I'm intrigued... why don't you encourage moving from the MAS version? The way I see it, Apple takes forever to approve updates and is always becoming more restrictive. Many developers are moving away from MAS. The only benefit I see from a MAS version is iCloud syncing but since you also support Dropbox, there's no need for that.



  • Hi @bobbd,

    Switching between the Mac App Store and the webstore versions is not specifically encouraged because the uninstall process is slightly more complicated than just dragging the existing app to the trash. (We have instructions on how to do so here), but essentially, the key point is that we have to ensure that your data is safely copied to the correct location so that 1Password can easily read it. This is certainly not impossible to do, and many users have taken these steps, but because there is so little effective difference between the Mac App Store and the webstore version of 1Password, it is not really necessary. The 'differences' between the Mac App Store and webstore versions of 1Password are outlined here

    If you do decide that you would like to switch, we'd be more than happy to help! :)

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