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So great to see Dropbox up and running in b45. I read a few betas back that the gear spin was removed...now just a stationary gear. Why was that done? I thought it was a really good visual cue that something was occurring. Just wondering. :-)

good god I love this app.


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    Hello Barry, and thanks for taking the time to write in! We're constantly going back and forth on the spinning gear. It is a great indication that sync is in progress, but it can also be pretty visually distracting. We'll continue to think about it. Thanks for your feedback!

    (I'm pretty partial to this app myself :)>- )

  • Barry_LBarry_L Junior Member

    If it helps in the decision-making, customers of mine that I've evangelized the product to have often called out the spinning gear as a plus.

  • First thing I looked for after installing my first ever beta of this app - no visual clues that syncing is happening. I think most users will notice this as quickly as I did. It's a big miss at present.

  • I can never tell when the app is syncing data other than going to the sync screen. I miss the animation and did not find it distracting. I actually found it more distracting that it didn't because I kept looking at it waiting for it to move. Muscle memory I suppose.

  • Speaking of animations... Is it a happy accident or done on purpose that the ios7 loading circle sits right inside the blue circle on the lock icon so it expands In a burst of color once the app is installed? Seems small but is nice.

  • ethansissonethansisson Junior Member

    I found it distracting when it would start and stop repeatedly every few seconds. Sync should be invisible. It should work well enough (and fast enough) that you don't have any reason to want to know when it happens to be syncing.

  • Perhaps making the spinning gear an optional feature?

    Maybe even having the same type of subtle pulsating/gradient animation which the beta shows on the initial unlock screen?

    I personally liked this feature, though I understand how it can be distracting - especially on the smaller screen of the iPhone.

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