App crashes when you cancel iCloud [Confirmed], shows pop-up to confirm iCloud after that [Confirmed

edited March 2014 in iOS Beta

When "canceling" a sync from iCloud the app crashes if you go back to the main screen.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install fresh copy of App
  2. Tap I've used before
  3. Tap iCloud - wait for it to find your keychain and tap continue to enter the password for the keychain
  4. After typing in password - (the first bug is here.. The "go" button does not do anything you must push "unlock" in the upper right corner).. Do not push unlock to duplicate the second bug
  5. Tap cancel - you get to the screen where it says looking up iCloud information
  6. Tap cancel again quickly - you'll be at the page where it asks you where to sync from
  7. You will receive a pop up saying "1password found existing data in iCloud" whether you tap cancel or continue the app crashes.

Expected behavior is that pop up should not pop up because you have cancelled the iCloud syncing.


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    Hi @d2theustin‌,

    Thanks, I was able to confirm this with beta 47 as well. We'll get this fixed as soon as possible.

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