1Password shows the localized keyboard for entering/changing the master password [Investigating]

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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. Since at least iOS 7.0.2, there is an option to use a Greek keyboard for the lock screen. I enabled this mostly for fun on my iPhone 5s. I noticed that 1PW appears to use the same keyboard for the master password as iOS does for the lock screen. Specifically, it looks like I can use the Greek keyboard to enter or change my 1PW master password.

Is this by design? It seems like someone could get themselves into trouble with this, especially with Unicode character normalization and different keyboard layouts. Anyway, it may be nothing, but I wanted to raise it on the off chance it's a legitimate issue.


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    Hi @aaronsca,

    Thank you very much for pointing this out to us. We'll investigate to see the potential issues of supporting the localized keyboards.

    You're right, the character mapping can get the users in trouble if the app doesn't see the same character being entered but at least iOS keyboards can be easily changed between locales.

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