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Initial set up:

After link with Dropbox, all the "Categories" and "Favorite" will be blank for a few seconds; the snyc icon shows up after the initial blank, but as soon as the first item starts to sync, the snyc icon disappears, and all the items start to flash in. I need to refer to the number of items to determine if the sync has done; a progress bar will make this more intuitive!

By the way: Is there a plan to enable background syncing in the future? When I put 1Password in the background and go back to write down my first impression on my iPhone, the Dropbox sync stops. Again, the lack of progress bar makes me wonder if the snyc has finished.

Missing features:

  1. The ability to automatically save new login
  2. Safari Javascript ("Open in 1Password")? I guess it will be enabled in the official version
  3. The ability to open PDF or other document in another app

Please add my vote for these features!


  1. Enter something in the address bar of 1Browser, then tap cancel, a blue cross button will show up on the right side of the address bar. But it cannot be tapped! Confusing.
  2. I love the swipe gesture in 1Browser! Now it is more like Safari. If you can add Safari-like transition when I swipe to go "forward" or "backward"I will be appreciate.
  3. Quit the app and reopen it, the lock icon is not centered while lunching! It is located at the bottom half of the screen (sometimes on the top, rarely centered).
  4. Deleting a password from iOS version is still very hard; I still have to tap on the password, tap "Edit", and tap "Delete Password" to delete it


  1. Add new tag button now looks like a folder...(maybe just me though)
  2. Now I cannot see how many tags has been opened (used to be a number on the tag button)
  3. Every time I go into tab view it starts from the first page! It used to start from whatever page I am at. (try to open more than 2 tags, you will see what I mean)


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    Hi @thinkingBanana‌,

    I fixed your formatting. The forum uses markdown, so whitepsace or tabs aren't needed at all. There's a Markdown link below each reply box, so that you can read how it works.

    Thank you for taking the time to run the app through the paces and writing down your feedback.

    Initial setup

    It's not possible for us to know how many items you have in advance and the downloading is done in batches as it proceeds through the initial sync, thus a progress bar would be widely inaccurate. This will be improved when we switch over to the newer opvault format for the Dropbox sync since we will have a fixed number of files in that newer format.

    In the meantime, there is a real-time sync progress in the Settings > Sync section for you to see how it is going. Not to mention, the Settings icon on the bottom toolbar will spin until it is done syncing.

    Missing Features

    1. Auto-save is something we plan to add to 1Browser over time, we can't wait to show it off. :)
    2. You need to adjust the bookmarklet to use opb instead of op, this is explained in the bottom of that article.
    3. This is something we'd like to fix in a future update. I've added your vote to our tracker


    1. Good catch, we'll get that fixed.
    2. That's something we're already planning to add in a future update. :) We only added the swipe features in the last few betas, so this is relatively new. We'll improve this soon.
    3. That's the default location of the image as it is supposed to bring up or down depending on the keyboard. Did it ever auto-correct itself when the keyboard comes up?
    4. I'm not sure what you mean by deleting a password. Are you referring to an item that you want to delete from 1Password? If so, this is intentional because there is no Trash in 1Password for iOS. Once it is deleted, you don't have much avenue to bring it back. It'll stay on screen to let you restore but once you switch to a different item, that item is gone for good.


    1. I'm not sure what you mean by tag, but I'm assuming you're talking about tabs. I believe the idea is that tab on top of the window is meant to indicate this is for the tabs while listing the number of tabs in the lower box.
    2. We haven't implemented this yet but we will. I believe once we add the digits there, it might make the icon more clear.
    3. Like the digits, we haven't implemented the code yet to take you out to the right column. We'll get this fixed as soon as possible.

    Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with us.

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    Thanks for replying me! @MikeT

    Two things were not resolved in your respond, maybe it is caused by my inaccurate description. Let me try again.


    • 3. Probably this is the design choice made by 1Password team, I am not sure. However, in the current stabled version 4.3.2, the lock icon will always locates at the centre of the screen when I launch 1Password and when it is in the multitasking window. The beta is not centered, which drives an OCD like me crazy X( . (See pictures below) And the worst thing is that it sometimes locates at the top and sometimes locates at the bottom! This inconsistence makes me think that the location issue is definitely a mistake instead of design choice.

      (Left, lock at top part of the screen; Right, lock at button part of the screen)

    • 4. Hmm, since this is a design choice, I am going to accept it. On Mac it is so easy to remove a password, just like this

    The rest of the responds are all good! Thank you again!

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