Deletes not propagated through DropBox sync

In OS X 1P 4.3.1.BETA-3, my "All Items" total is 294. In iOS 4.5.1b2 (and recent earlier betas), it's 340. This discrepancy has been there for quite some time; I only just really focused on it.

I expect "sync" to mean "all copies have identical content (once the dust settles). Is that a misunderstanding?

I hunted down one of the 50 or so differences. It has some odd recent history:

  1. For a while, perhaps because I was running two 1Password mini processes (now fixed), I found that go-and-fill failed mysteriously after a password change. Worked fine to begin the process (I was de-Heartbleeding), but when I tested the result, the login was rejected.
  2. In that state, copy/paste of user name and password out of 1Password (app, or mini edit panel) did work, yet go-and-fill did not.
  3. The "odd" one discussed here is one that I changed (on the Mac) yesterday, and ran into the "go-and-fill failure."
  4. I had also found that creating a new login entry, with a new name, for the site resulted in working "go-and-fill"
  5. I had done that for the "odd" one we're discussing.
  6. Subsequently, I disabled the extra 1Pmini (disabled the MacStore one, left the BETA one).

With that history, I find that the Mac 1P has only the new entry, while the iOS 1P has both old and new.

Given the joys of Heartbleed, I can easily believe that the 50 or so "All items count" discrepancy is made up entirely of entries with similar history:

  1. changed p/w
  2. go-and-fill failure
  3. created new entry
  4. deleted old entry

1PAnywhere/Dropbox (local to Mac, at agrees with the Mac.

1PAnywhere/Dropbox (iOS) says

Problem loading 1Password data file. 
A key data file could not be loaded and
1PasswordAnywhere cannot continue without
Please see this help guide for troubleshooting

The linked tips say to click on the linkified phrase "key data file" to see if the file is actually there. Clicking the link does nothing. Holding the link lets me copy the link target, dbcache://dropbox/392287/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain/data/default/encryptionKeys.js. iOS Dropbox has that file, 5.8KB, "modified 1 year ago". OS X Dropbox has that file, 6KB, modified 9/6/12 (a year and a half ago).


  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    @jackr We believe that we've found and fixed this issue with our 4.5.1 release, which we submitted to Apple last night. My recommendation would be to delete your copy of the 4.5.1 beta, change syncing on your Mac and tell it to "Delete data from Dropbox". Then set up syncing fresh on your Mac, install 4.5.1RC1 and set up syncing.

    Let me know how that works for you.

  • Verifying on mac1P4.3.1.BETA-7, ios1P4.5.1RC1, and mac1PAnywhere: All now show the same counts for corresponding entries (not too surprising, considering the "nuclear option" at the heart of this procedure).

    When launching 1PasswordAnywhere from, I get an error alert. Dismissing that and entering my master passphrase gets me what amounts to the same alert in a different presentation (both attached). The key data file in question is 1Password.agilekeychain/data/default/encryptionKeys.js. That file is present, and is well-formed if inscrutable JSON (which I won't paste here, 'cause "encryption keys" sounds just possibly like sensitive info ;-) This problem is not cleared by refreshing the page. Syncing appears to be complete on both Mac and iPhone.

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @jackr,

    I'm glad to hear @MrRooni's suggestion helped resolve your problem with Dropbox syncing. The 4.5.1 update for iOS is now available from the App Store.

    The trouble you're having with 1PasswordAnywhere is a known issue and a fix is forthcoming. For more information please refer to this post: 1PasswordAnywhere.

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