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New user here. I really appreciate the ability to import Firefox saved passwords into 1Password on my Windows machine. However, even though I've synced my Macbook and my phone through Dropbox, I don't see those Firefox passwords listed on those devices. Is there any way to sync Firefox saved passwords from my Windows machine to my other devices? Or is that just specific to the Firefox extension on that machine?


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    @nonegrade, are the imported Firefox login credentials (username+password+URL) visible in the main 1Password for Windows program, in the 1Password extension for Firefox, or only in Firefox itself?

  • I believe they are only visible in the extension, but I can double check when I get home.

  • Confirmed, only in the browser extension.

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    @nonegrade‌, how did you import the Firefox passwords? Was it using a third-party tool? Can you describe the process?


  • nonegradenonegrade
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    Like this! :) It's in the settings of the browser extension:

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    Thanks! I'll check with Development...

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    @nonegrade, it occurs to me that you haven't mentioned whether you have the main 1Password for Windows program installed on your PC.

    If you don't, then that explains why your imported-from-Firefox passwords are isolated within the 1Password extension for Firefox on your PC.

    The 1Password browser extensions extend the power of 1Password on the same computer to the browsers on that computers. On the PC, the Helper (a component of 1Password) facilitates communication between the extensions and the main 1Password program. Logins in the main program are sync'ed (using Dropbox) to 1Password on other computers and devices.

    If I'm right in thinking you don't yet have 1Password for Windows installed, then that's what you need to do. Once it's installed, the 1Password extension for Firefox should start communicating with the main program, which will in communicate with 1Password on your Macbook and phone.

    On the other hand, if you do already have the main 1Password program installed on the same PC where the imported-from-Firefox passwords are visible in the extension, then something is blocking the communication between the extension and the main program (preventing the imported passwords from being copied to the main program). The usual suspects are antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall software—do you have any of those installed in Windows or in Firefox itself?

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    I do have the main application installed. I also have several browser security extensions...thanks for the insight, I will try disabling them and see if it works.

    EDIT: That worked, thank you very much!

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    That’s great news, @nonegrade—thanks for letting us know!

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    @nonegrade out of curiosity, what browser extension was the culprit?

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