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I just bought the software yesterday and so far like it! :)

When I change a password for an already saved login 1Password firefox plugin prompts to save the the new password which it does BUT it saves it as a new login instead of updating the existing login.

Shouldn't I see an update option....something similar to:



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    Yes, you should see this window but sometimes 1Password is confused (does not recognize you're on a change-password page) and then falls back to it's "normal" auto-save window:

    Please open the dropdown that reads "create new Login" and then change this to "Replace existing Login". Then check the box that reads "replace password only (keep the other fields)". You have now successfully updated the password for an existing Login item.

  • Thanks but I don't see a dropdown menu at all. I am using the firefox plugin on Windows 7.

    I just copied that screenshot from another thread on this forum.

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    Here is my actual screenshot:

  • Oops, you're running 1Password 3 in Firefox. I'm sorry for the confusion. Your screen shot made be believe you're running 1Password 4. Would you like to sign up for the 1Password 4 beta? https://agilebits.com/beta_signups/winnewsletter.html

  • Is the upgrade going to be free for Version 3 users once the beta is finished?

  • Is the upgrade going to be free for Version 3 users once the beta is finished?

    If you have bought your copy of version 3 after January 1, 2013 -- yes.

  • Thanks...when do you think Version 4 will come out of the beta?

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni

    We don't have an estimate, but we hope it won't be long, now.

    In the meantime, thousands of people are already using 1Password 4 for Windows! If you're interested, you can join them by signing up here: https://agilebits.com/beta_signups/winnewsletter.html

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