Norwegian translation complete!

RunarRunar Junior Member

The Norwegian translation is now 100 % translated, but so far only 62 % has been approved.

How does approvals work on Crowdin? Is it possible to make me some kind of manager so I’m able to approve (and disapprove) the Norwegian translations, or do I have to wait for someone else to review my translations?

Also, several of the already approved strings are wrong. I have corrected them, but they are still wrong in the latest RC.


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    Hi @Runar,

    Huge thanks for your help translating 1Password in Norwegian!

    Usually, strings are approved by a proofreader, which is ranked slightly above the translator role. However, the more people vote for the same strings, the more quicker it can be approved for insertion in the app.

    It looks like there is only one active translator (you) on the Norwegian translation, so it may take longer to approve the strings. I did try to validate many of your strings, so that should help a bit for now.

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