Help using 1Password with Opera

I have Windows XP and I downloaded "Opera Next". I am trying to figure out how to change the appearance of my toolbar. I went online and those instructions must be for a different version of Opera. Any help would be greatly appreciated here. Thanks in advance.


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    Sorry, @CherokeeGal51‌, but I don't know what Opera Next is. :(

    If you're trying to get the 1Password button to appear in the Opera toolbar, though, it should be as simple as launching Opera, visiting the 1Password extensions download page (, clicking the Enable Betas link, and clicking the Install button.

    If you have general questions about Opera use, though, you should consult their help, support, and web site.

    [Edit: @svondutch is absolutely right. I was in a 1Password 4 State of Mind. Sorry for the confusion.]

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    1Password 1.x does not support Opera. 1Password v4 does. You can sign up for the 1Password v4 beta here:

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