1Password doesn't work on Vanguard Site

Vanguard.com uses a 2 step login procedure. First you type your login ID, and then it opens a new page where you type in your password. Most of the time, 1Password doesn't open the Vanguard site and I am left to manually type both User ID and PW. Occasionally, it does work, but I have no understanding when and why it works. Other sites work fine, but the Vanguard.com site is the one I most want to have work with 1Password, since I have my financial accounts there.

It seems to work fairly well with my iPad and iPhone, but on my Mac, it rarely works.

What do I need to do to make it work properly on my Mac. I am currently running OSX Mountain Lion, v10.8.5.

Thanks, Lou


  • There have been other discussions about the Vanguard login, including this one. Does that thread help at all?


  • Thanks, Stephen.

    On my Mac, (10.8.5), I created a manual Login entry in 1P. If I click the 1P Key in my Safari browser, it takes me to Vanguard's initial login page and enters my User ID. Then, I have to manually click the submit key, which takes me to the second page on the Vanguard site, where it requests my password. I have to click the 1P key in Safari a second time, at which point the PW is filled in and it automatically launches the site. Not ideal, but it works. Thanks for the workaround. I hope 1P will be able to handle these dual page login sites automatically in the future. If you have a better way of doing it, please let me know.

    While I'm talking Vanguard, I have the Vanguard App on my iPad. I bought the 1P app from the App Store. Is there a way to tell 1P to open the Vanguard website within the Vanguard App? I have other similar apps for banking, etc, so your answer will help me figure out how to do this on the iPad and iPhone. If not, please provide suggestions.



  • Because of Apple's sandboxing requirements 1P4 for iOS is not allowed to work directly with other iOS applications. You have two choices:

    1. to open URLs from 1P within the 1P built-in browser (where auto fill can work); or
    2. to cut and paste user names, passwords, etc. from within 1P to another iOS application.

    Some iOS apps have been developed specifically to work with 1Password. I don't know if you might be able to persuade Vanguard to do that with their app. ;)


  • Thanks, Stephen. Now I know!!


  • I'm glad it helped a little.


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