Two icons for 1P add-on 3.9.20 in FF 29

Since I upgraded to FF 29 I now have my original add-on that looks like a key, and a new one that just says 1P. It think they both activate the same add-on. When I hover over the 1P, bubble help says "show 1Password." I do not think that the "1P" is really the add-on, but rather another FF button that got moved when I did the upgrade. I cannot find anywhere in FF to disable it.

Not a big deal, but odd, and I would like to fix it.


Mac 10.9.2
FF 29
1P 3.8.21
FF add-on 3.9.20


  • I think I figured out what happened. The "1P" button was the button from the "Add-on Bar", a FF feature that was discontinued as of FF 29. I always hid the Add-on bar (it was at bottom of window and seemed redundant) so I forgot about that 1P button. It must be written into the 1P FF extension to add that button to Add-on Bar by default. When the Add-on Bar was discontinued, the "1P" button needed somewhere to go. It ended up next to my other add-ons at the top of the window.

    Even before I figured out the reason, I fixed this by using the customize feature of FF and dragging it off. As I said before, no big deal, but I am glad I figured it out.

  • I have the same problem running Firefox 25 on Snow Leopard (10.6), but every time I remove it from the add-on bar, it comes back next time I launch Firefox. I found another thread from 2011 saying that they had an issue with whatever version of FF was current at the time, and had to make the icon come back aggressively, but I assume that would have been fixed a long time ago. Does the icon stay gone for you even if you quit and relaunch Firefox?

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    Hi @Steve_Z,

    Thanks for letting us know that you're all sorted out! I'm sorry that we didn't get here earlier enough to be of any help, but I'm glad to hear you found the solution to your issue. :)

    If it pops up again, please let us know!

  • @engrman7‌
    Try upgrading to FF 29 and see if that fixes your persistence problem. The other thing you can do is hide the add-on bar since most add-ons seem to put an icon at the top of the window.

  • Thanks for the tip @Steve_Z. I may try that, but I really don't like the new combined download/history manager in the newer versions of Firefox, and this isn't a big enough issue for me to warrant putting up with that. I'll probably just live with the icon, since I have other icons in the add-on bar that I don't want nor have room for at the top of the window.

  • Hi, none of the terminal commands suggested above work in my terminal.
    Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon
    OSX 10.6.8
    1Password 3.8.22
    Firefox 30.0
    1Password add-on 3.9.2
    I have two different icons in Firefox. (See attached).

    (I also deleted the files mentioned in the above thread).

  • You are reading, and posting on, the 1Password 4 for Mac forum. You will get more help by posting on the 1Password 3 for Mac forum. (I'm assuming from what you say you have not upgraded to 1P4.)

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    Hi Gabrielle,

    Since you're using 1Password 3 (Thanks for including those version numbers!) I've moved your post to an existing discussion in the 1Password 3 forums as @Stephen_C suggested.

    This is a known issue that our developers are working on. I do apologize that it's bothering you at the moment, but we'll do what we can to get it sorted out!

    internal reference number: OPX-345
  • Thanks to both of you, apologies for posting in the wrong place.

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    Hi Gabrielle,

    Happy to help! No worries about the location of your original post (I simply have an obsessive need to keep everything exactly where it belongs. ;) )

    Please do let us know if you have any further questions - we're here for you.

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