Securing external hard drive Time Machine Backup with Knox

I have recently switched over to Mac and am not clear on sparese bundles, etc. Since Agile produced 1Password which has been one of the best apps I've ever used, I downloaded Knox to provide encryption and expected the same brilliant intuitive program.

I currently backup my iMac using Super Duper to one external drive and Time Machine to another drive.

For a Mac novice, how do i ensure the data on these drives is secure? If drives were stolen, anybody can access all the data. Is Knox the solution to this?
If so, please detail how to implement...



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    Hi AndreR,

    Knox uses Apple's "sparse bundle" technology for its OS X 10.5+ compatible (the default) vaults. Sparse bundles should always be excluded from Time Machine and other backup/sync products specifically because if they are currently mounted by OS X at the time of a backup, any utility that backs it up will appear to "succeed" but data integrity is not guaranteed. At some point you may end up with a sparse bundle that cannot be mounted if it is restored.

    That's one of the prime reasons why Knox's built-in backups will always close/dismount the vault: it makes the resulting backup a consistently valid copy of the original. You can even have Knox backup your vaults to your Time Machine volume. You don't need a separate drive.

    I'm sorry if that is not the answer you were looking for, but I hope it clarifies the situation.
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