4.5.2RC1 - Crash on iOS8 [Fixed in 4.5.3 series]

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4.5.2RC1 crashes on startup under iOS8.
I have deleted iCloud data.

(Apps store version also crashes on startup under iOS8. At one point I got as far as entering dropbox data but app could not see any 1password.agilekeychain data)

Any chance for a quick fix ;-)



  • Noting the same behaviour with iOS8. They just got access at the same time we did so let's be patient :)

  • Same issue.

  • Could I say that this is ridiculous thread. There is no point whatsoever in stating that 1Password crashes on iOS 8 the day the first beta is released.

  • While I agree you can't go screaming and shouting at every developer when you install iOS 8 b1 and find an app suddenly has bugs/crashes

    But... I'd put 1Password in a special breed of app whereby you need and rely on having access to all your secure information on your iPhone at all times

    No harm in pointing out the crash - out of interest RC1 does indeed crash on launch but the latest app store version is working fine for me so far
    At least I have some way to access all those passwords!

    A high percentage of us regular beta testers are going to install iOS 8 and it could be something really simple to fix in RC1 for us

    Of concern for an app like this would be that if the Agile guys know the AppStore version isn't crashing then it avoids releasing a version that crashes everytime on iOS 8 because as we know, plenty of non-dev iOS 8 muppets will then reduce 1password to a 1-star rating :(

  • What is the point of telling AgileBits what they already know?

  • The Appstore version crashes when you attempt to add a Dropbox account to it to sync then refuses to open again I'm not complaining just mentioning it so its a known bug.

  • I don't think there will be a solution soon, as Xcode 6 required for iOS 8 is pretty bugged, as well as iOS 8 itself.

  • @HRD I reported it so that 1Password users who must have 1PW work and are considering trying iOS8 could stay clear of it for now.

  • @maxonick‌ Hopefully they can see what causes the crash on Xcode6 and implement a hopefully simple fix in Xcode5.

  • @rolfl well of course you should stay clear of the first version of Apple beta software!

  • According to the terms of condition in the agreement that you signed to Apple Developer Program, you should not mention anything about Beta program in public. I suggest that you should close this post or Apple can have legal actions against you.

  • @Church Said‌ well said.

  • Chill out guys, it's in a beta forum so others know in advance there are issues
    Not giving away screenshots or any cloak and dagger stuff here :)

  • 4.5.3b1 works perfect again at current build 12A4265u on my iPhone 5S (A1457)

  • 4.5.1b1 cannot find my iCloud data on my retina iPad mini. I've confirmed that both MacBooks, my iPad Air and iPhone 5S (both still running 7.1.1) are sinking to iCloud.

  • Just installed 4.5.3b1 on my Retina iPad mini (iOS 8b1) and it's giving me sync errors for ".ws.agile.1Password.write" in my "1Password.agilekeychain/data/default". Says "Failed to download file from Dropbox. Please try again later."

  • rolflrolfl
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    @k4lk AFAIK iOS8 beta uses a separate iCloud storage location - can't be seen from iOS7.
    So you'll probably need an all OSX 10.10 + iOS8 setup for iCloud :((

  • rolflrolfl
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    @holgr I'm seeing the .ws.agile.1Password.write (and other files) issue on IOS7.1.1 with both beta and appstore version. Don't think it is limited to iOS8.

    I suspect that Dropbox rate-limiting is causing this, possibly 1PW is retrying too frequently after initial fail.
    Usually I have needed a couple of tries to complete a fresh dropbox sync, this afternoon it has become impossible to complete a full sync.

    @MrRooni‌ Maybe Agilebits guys can check with Dropbox if they have changed their rate limiting settings?

  • Also getting the failed to download Dropbox error for the .write file
    All my items appear to have synced though

    Really really appreciate you guys getting us testers access to our passwords again under iOS 8

  • Can someone help me? I lost my installation link. How do I get new beta?

  • TayfunTayfun Junior Member

    4.5.3b1 seems to work with both iCloud as well as Dropbox on current iOS8 Beta

  • How do I install 4.5.3b1? I get only old beta version, which constantly crashes.

  • I am having good results with Dropbox sync at this point with the iOS8 beta. No problems so far.

  • I still had version 4.3.2 stored on my Mac. I downgraded the app to 4.3.2 and it works great. Hope that helps a little. Using iPhone 5. iOS 8 beta

  • And i agree with Maxonick. How do I install 4.5.3b1

  • @Fedorov‌ I see items and updates get downloaded to iOS but I'm not able to push edits from iOS to Dropbox.
    Do you see edits making it from iOS to dropbox?

  • 4.5.3b1 is working fine for me too. iCloud syncing doesn't but they already mentioned that is still an issue. WiFi and Dropbox seem to work well.

  • @rolfl‌ I'll try pushing a new entry when I'm home later today to see if it reaches my PC

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Wow, thanks for the lively discussion everyone! It's so cool to see folks jumping onto iOS 8 (with reasonable expectations in the realm of pre-released software, of course) and giving us feedback. We had a busy, busy week last week but as many of you saw we were able to push out a beta that seems to have taken care of many of the problems folks were having. For those of you who had trouble finding the download page for 4.5.3, you can grab it here: https://rink.hockeyapp.net/apps/17e2ff5fecb9a46956b9aa3026da8e0f/app_versions/177

  • @fedorov , @MrRooni Just an update, finally got a complete dropbox sync done. No changes on 1PW side.

    Dropbox is back to normal behaviour where I get one failure halfway through and then it completes the rest.
    Swapping back to iCloud and then doing a dropbox sync required two tries to complete.
    Hopefully the issue was a temporary dropbox issue where they got a bit too happy with their rate limit.

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