4.5.3b3 can't find iCloud data

Trying to access data. 1password can't find it


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    Hi @k4lk,

    Can you tell me which iOS version you're using your iOS devices and also, where is the source of your iCloud data? Is it on the Mac or another iOS devices?

  • lem3ssielem3ssie
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    You can update via wifi the first time, then select iCloud sync. Also if you have yosemite on mac, it won't sync with ios devices.

    you can also look at icloud tab in settings. Mine was deactivated, i don't know how or why. After that, sync was fine again between ios devices. Maybe you already tried, maybe not. Just in case...

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    Right, that's why I asked for the iOS version. iOS 8 and Yosemite will break the iCloud sync.

  • Yosemite on my MBA and iOS 8 beta 1 on an iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad mini retina. On the Mac, 1Password is v4.4.1 (build 441008) with "Include beta builds" on. It is syncing with onepassword_data in iCloud.

  • lem3ssie What icloud tab? Where? MikeT, 1password on the mac doesn't give the option to change containers.

  • I now have data on my iPad Air thanks to Wifi sync. On the Air if I choose iCloud sync it offers to copy it's data to iCloud. I assume that will go to the beta container?

  • ok, let's see what we can do here : icloud tab can be found in preferences on ios, you'll find iCloud tab if you scroll down. Then, look for document and data, there you can activate iCloud for 1password, both final and beta, which have separate settings, meaning ios is seeing 2 different apps.

    Then, 1password for mac let you choose which container you want to sync, to do so : Open 1password for Mac, press "cmd,", there you are in preferences, choose sync tab, modify sync, deactivate if already activated, activate icloud, you'll see 2 arrows, up and down, there you can choose beta container or final container.
    To be clear you'll have beta container to sync only if you have ios beta already installed and icloud sync configured on ios devices, no matter ios 8 or ios 7. Ios beta can install on both.

    You can have 2 similar vaults, sync back and forth from final to beta or beta to final. For now you just can't sync between yosemite and ios with iCloud sync, even if you install 4.5.3b3, they don't speech to each other.

  • Is there a way to combine the beta and final container? I don't want to try and manage two separate containers.

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    @k4lk‌ Once you have data in the beta container on iOS you should be able to disable and then reenable iCloud sync on your Mac and see an option to switch containers.

    Kevin, there is no way to combine the containers at this time, sorry for the trouble.

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