iOS Extensions [We cannot say anything until later as we get closer to the iOS 8 release date]

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Are you planning to release a beta of iOS 8 extensions to support Safari Autofill? This is probably the best feature for 1Password, maybe even to call it 1Password 5!


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    Hi @ssdeg7,

    It's not something we can share at the moment, we're still doing research heavily on this and also developing various phototypes to see what's possible and not possible.

    We are not going to promise anything until we can be assured that it will work 100% for good and that Apple is not going to change anything from now until the final iOS 8.0 update.

    The closer we get to the iOS 8's release date, the more details we will release on this.

    It's certainly going to be an interesting to see what we can do, not just for extensions but for TouchID as well. :)

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