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So everything was working fine, but two days ago a I developed a problem in which 1 Password was not automatically filling out my passwords when accessing stored sites. I am running FireFox 30.0 on a Windows 7 platform and I checked the 'submit' settings (both on 'always' and 'when autosubmit is on') but, in both cases, I am forced to copy/paste the stored passwords and usernames where before it would do it automatically upon clicking on the site in the 1 Password plugin.

Any ideas how to solve this problem?


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    Hi @CaesarCovi‌,

    Is this happening on any sites or just a few? What about other browsers like IE, is 1Password not filling in there either?

    Do you use any anti-malware solution on your PC that could interfere with how apps communicate on the PC? If yes, please try these suggestions and see if it'll help.

  • thanks for the reply: it is happening on all sites - will try your suggestions as soon as I get a a spare moment

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    So - Firebug was the problem: disabling it an re-enabling it made it work.

    Trouble is, when I re-installed 1 Password, I got stuck with version four (acutally now I have both the previous version and the new one installed) so, new questions:

    1. Can I uninstall the previous version without losing 4.0?
    2. I really dislike the GUI of 4.0 can I run the previous edition on my computer? If so, where can I find the previous plugin for Firefox? Trying to run the current one with the old one does not work.
    3. Why should I endure the GUI changes in 4.0? Where can I find a list of improvements/benefits from the previous edition?
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    Hi @Cbunk,

    Thanks for the update, I'm glad you got it fixed.

    1. Yes, you can remove the version 3 extension without affecting the 4.0 extension.
    2-3. Security, performance, and support. You can find out more in my post here.. We are not going to provide any more updates beside critical bug and security fixes to the older extensions. All fixes are going to be provided in the 1Password 4 extensions and we are going to keep improving the GUI based on everybody's feedback. If you read my linked post, you'll see why the GUI is radically different.

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