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I have a subfolder in my Dropbox where I keep all of my services that use Dropbox for syncing. 1Password is one of these services that is housed in that folder. I understand the need for the file to tell each instance of 1Password on my various devices to go look in "Apps/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain" for the keychain. However when I set up the app to sync to Dropbox shouldn't it just be able to write somewhere local on the device with that location? Instead I have to look at a solo file in my top level of Dropbox which is less than ideal.


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    Good morning @english06‌. The need for that file is slowly going away. 1Password for iOS no longer uses it and 1Password on our platforms are headed that way as well. I'll check with the Mac gents and see if they're still using it and get back to you. Have a great day!

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    cc/ @english06


    Summary the file is only needed if you use the Windows Phone reader app.

    According to @Megan post it may however still get regenerated if you remove it.

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    Hi guys,

    Tommy is correct. You only need it for the older apps like 1Password 3 for Mac, 1Password 1.x for Windows, and 1Password Reader 1.x for Android/Windows Phone.

    If you're only using 1Password 4 for iOS and Mac, you don't have to worry about this file, you can remove it.

  • Using 1Password 4 for WIndows and iOS - delete the file and it's recreated ... how to remove permanently?

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    Most likely 1Password for Windows is still creating this file. Are you using the newly released 1Password for Windows? https://agilebits.com/onepassword/win

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