Using vaults on a second machine

I have to (sniffle) turn in my Macbook Pro to Apple for a repair this week. My vaults are backed up to an external volume that also houses a Time Machine backup and SuperDuper! backup.

I will be borrowing my Dad's older G4 12" to use in the meantime and I am wondering what I can do to keep using my vaults?




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    Hi Stephen,

    I'm sorry to hear about your MacBook Pro. :-( I hope everything works out well and is either covered by AppleCare or cheap. :-)

    You can open Knox vaults on any Mac running 10.5 or later — 10.4 if you chose that option when creating them. The file extension for the 10.5+ vaults will be .sparsebundle while the 10.4+ vaults will end with .sparseimage.

    You can install Knox in Mac OS X 10.5+ and drag your vaults to the list (Preferences > Vaults) in order to manage them with Knox as usual.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know how it goes (and how your MacBook Pro ends up).

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