Lost auto-fill on FireFox 30.0

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  • Similar problem. Running 1P 3.8.22 on iMac and MacAir. Mac OS 10.8.5 on both. Firefox 30.0 on Air, and usernames and passwords do NOT populate--have to be entered manually. Firefox 29.0.1 on iMac: all works normally. Ideas?

  • Update: Just checked extensions in Firefox on Air: 1P version 3.9.20. It's also this version on iMac. It's the app that's 3.8.22 on both.

  • Thanks DBrown for putting this in the correct area. Interesting, though, how it seems the problem is following Firefox 30.0, and not the platform nor the version of 1P. Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Solved, maybe. Disabled all other add-ons (Bugmenot, Firebug, Garmin Communicator, Ghostery, Rapportive), and it now works. Re-enabled all those add-ons, and it STILL works. Don't you just love computers?? !!

  • Hi @DaveDarrah‌

    Computers can sometimes be wonderfully intriguing creatures, can't they? I'm so glad to hear you found a solution! If anything goes wonky again, please let us know and we'll do what we can to get this sorted. :)

  • I'm having a somewhat similar problem - using OSX 10.6.8 / 1PW Version 3.8.22 (build 32010), I was unable to use autofill to log into this forum (http://discussions.agilebits.com). All browsers - Safari, Chrome, Firefox - most recent versions for each. From the context menu, I get the 1Password "Fill Login" sub-menu but when I select the correct item, nothing gets pulled into the modal password popup. Doesn't happen with all sites tho.

  • Hi @Sorastro‌

    If you're having trouble with one or two Logins, the best solution is often to try manually saving a new Login. Let's try this:

    • Edit the login that you currently have for this website by appending an "Old" to the title - just so you can tell them apart.
    • Visit the site and fill in the fields you want filled. Do NOT click the login button.
    • Click the 1Password extension, and unlock it if necessary
    • Click the + button in the corner.
    • Give the entry a unique and identifiable title.
    • Click Save.
    • Revisit the site and see if 1Password fills in the site correctly.

    Please note, for these discussion forums, I use http://discussions.agilebits.com/entry/signin, as it avoids the pop-up. :)

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