LOL We got a problem

srigginssriggins Member

After trying to log into, I tapped in the form field and a larger sized version of the form showed up. Tapping Share, then 1Password beta took me to a white screen with a dialog "We got a problem"


  • srigginssriggins Member

    This may be a Safari issue, not 1Password. I cannot even tap into the field to fill it in. I get a recursive page loading error.

  • roustemroustem AgileBits Founder

    Team Member

    It seems that this could be a problem in the current iOS beta where the extension could only get the information from Safari when it is activated the first time. If you activate the extension again then it often will not receive the data. Unfortunately, it does not receive any errors either and this is why you are seeing an empty "We got a problem" message.

    I will play with the code a bit more and see if we could do anything to work around this issue.

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