Safari Extension doesn't actually auto fill Login [We're working on it]

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Just installed Version 4.6.BETA-1 (406001) on my iPad mini and I cut get the new Safari extension to autofill the login. When I invoke the share sheet, it asks me for my Master password and shows me the available logins matched to the current site. However, when I tap the correct login, the floating window disappears but the login fields stay blank on the page. I have tried 7-8 different websites so far.


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    Same here. Also notice the info button shows nothing, nor does the right arrow which is presumably meant to display login details.

  • preshitpreshit Junior Member

    I am having mixed luck with this so far. If the login from fields are in focus, the auto fill works around 3/10 times. Not having any luck making it work as it should.

  • Same here. This includes major sites like and Gmail. On one site the login dialog was a popover, and the extension filled in the username in a search box on the page behind the popover, don't think the password was filled in anywhere.

  • Same here. I assume they're still making it work. It'd be REALLY nice for those of us without TouchID to have a grace period between having to enter the master password and having to do it again. As it does on the desktop of course.

  • I'm finding that I have to quit and restart Safari semi-frequently for the extension to fill forms. Not sure if it' say 1password bug or an iOS 8 beta 2 bug.

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    Hi guys,

    Keep in mind, these are all prototypes we want to share with you right away that's running on top of a beta iOS. We'll be pushing out many updates with fixes, improvements toward extension, and TouchID. Keep bringing up issues with us, so we can fix and/or let Apple know about the problems.

    At the moment, it looks like there are some communication issues between the extension and the app. We can reproduce it but we don't yet know if it is a bug in our code or if it is an iOS 8 bug. We'll keep looking into this.

    Try restarting Safari, it might work after that for a short bit but it'll stop working because the connection drops and Safari for some reason never prompts to unlock your data. That's why it would stop working, it cannot grab any more data while the app is locked.

    For those with the filling issues, can you try to create a new Login item in the iOS app, test it in 1Browser, and then test again in Safari, see if it works.

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    Hi @jdjansen,

    I"ve merged your thread into this one since it is related and I've removed the duplicate post.

  • One Queston: where can i find the Sagari Plugin? I cant find something in the 1Passwird Settings. So where can i activate it and how do i use it? In Safari in my iPhone there are inkl the passwords Showmaster and User which are in the icloud Keychain.

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    @noX1609 When you tap on the share button in Safari you should see a More button that allows you to add the 1Password extension to Safari's share menu.

  • My extension did not work, but when I restart, it works again, but instead of requiring touch ID, it requires password which is long and complicated.
    By the way, with Touch ID, can you guys make the recognition more than 1 time, finger print can't be always correct in the first time :(

  • DragonDragon Junior Member

    I'm guessing the 1 time thing is to minimise possibility of spoofing fingerprint on a stolen device, if someone tries to crete fake off device it's likely to fail first time.

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    The failure on the second attempt is actually a bug. We have found that if you force quit Safari it jolts 1Password back to life.

  • I can only get the Safari extension to work when the fields don't have any text in them.
    Safari autofills login,
    I use 1Password extension and nothing happens
    If I clear the fields, then use the extension, the fields are filled.
    The form is not submitted though

    And every time I use the extension, I am asked for a master password, although I haven't been able to turn Touch ID on

  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Thanks for the report, @BinEP‌. The only workaround we've found for not being able to turn on Touch ID in 1Password is to restore your device from scratch with the latest iOS 8 beta. I've logged your other issue into our internal bug tracker. Thanks!

  • tjcartertjcarter Junior Member

    Mike, my post about Paypal specifically might be related, although I've found that I experience this more general nothing fills bug as well. Usually closing 1P and Safari resolves that temporarily.

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    Hi @tjcarter,

    Yep, that'd make sense. Once that connection is lost, the data can't be passed from the 1Password app to the extension to fill. We'll keep experimenting with our extension and work with Apple on this.

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