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Is there any way to use the Go & Fill Login to apply the username and password to the current page rather than opening a new page. Preferably a key combination.

This would be a welcome feature as am often already at the sign-in page when I use this keyboard shortcut. I know I could mouse over to the 1P icon in the address bar but me not like mousing anywhere.

Mousetime = Downtime

Thx - brenno


  • brennobrenno Junior Member
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    I had to change my shortcuts because command-\ and option-command-\ are being used by another app.

    So, I chose command-] for "Fill Login keyboard shortcut" and option-command-] for Go & Fill keyboard shortcut.

    The problem is when I have more than one login, I have to use the Go & Fill keyboard shortcut. When I choose the login from the list, it opens up another tab in my browser. I would like it to populate the fields in my 'current' tab.

    Can I make this happen?
  • brennobrenno Junior Member
    If I click the IP icon, I can see that one login is Fill and Submit. All the other logins are classified as 'Other Logins'.

    So, what is happening is the Command+] shortcut is only filling the 'Fill and Submit' login.

    Is there a way to classify all logins as 'Fill and Submit' ?

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Hello brenno,

    Please take a look at this thread describing our precise URL matching. In your case, the easiest thing to do if you want all logins for a particular domain to be available for every page on the site is to change the URL to the domain name only (e.g.: subdomain.example.com/site/login -> example.com).

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

  • brennobrenno Junior Member
    That did the trick. Thanks Khad!!
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Always happy to help. :-D

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