Firefox Extension Disappearing After Restarts [resolved; reset Firefox]

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  • I am having a major issue with this. Basically, if I install the 4.2.3 extension it shows on the toolbar fine. When I quite Firefox and then restart it, the icon goes completely and is nowhere to be found even in the customize list. The only way I can make the add-on re-appear is by disabling and re-enabling the add on which is fine until I quit Firefox and then we are back to square one.

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    You are seeing a completely different issue, so I split your reply away into its own discussion so as to not mix two separate issues. Yours ss likely related to your Firefox Profile being corrupt. Try this:

    Create a new profile (do not delete the old one) and then reinstall the extension in that profile. Does the same issue occur? I'd bet it doesn't but I'd be very curious what your results are.

  • Excellent! It has done the job- rather than create a new profile I just did a Firefox Reset and now all works as it should. Thanks for putting me in the right direction.

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    Hi @‌ahbb

    Great to hear that helped :)

    If there's anything else we can do to assist in the future, please let us know! Have a wonderful week!


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