Can't manually create a login from Chrome extension

I'm using Chrome (up to date with latest version) on Windows 7. 1Password also up to date with the latest. When I activate the 1Password browser extension from the icon at the top of the browser window, and then click the "+" symbol at the top right corner of the "Logins" box, nothing happens - no login item to fill in, no error message, nothing. I'm pretty sure this used to allow me to create a login item manually... though it's not something I do very often. Has the behaviour changed, or is there a bug here?



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    Are you sure you're on a login page? (a page having a username and a password)

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    Hi @timhall,

    What Stefan means is that the + button will only work on login pages, where the extension can see open text fields with a password type. If it doesn't, there's nothing that 1Password can save for you, which also means there's nothing 1Password can fill on that page as well.

    If you are looking at a login page, please share the URL with us and we'll take a look at what's going on. If you want to share it privately, please send me a private message here.


  • My original scenario was this:

    • Register on some new website, and for whatever reason, 1Password doesn't offer to automatically save a new login item. It happens sometimes!
    • So I want to add the login manually, and the easiest way to do this is via the extension (as opposed to having to go and open the main application) - and + doesn't give me the ability to do this.
      Right now, I don't have a repro scenario for this.

    However, taking MikeT's reply at face value, it sounds like any login webpage ought to offer me the option to manually create a 1Password login. So, for starters, here's one that doesn't:

    Does this one behave the same for you? And if the reason why the login isn't automatically saved by 1Password is the same as the reason why the + won't appear... please can we have something that makes this workflow possible?

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    What's the full version number of 1Password and of the 1Password extension that you're using, @timhall?

  • 1Password is, which I hope is up to date - every time it tells me there's a new version, I update to it.
    The Chrome extension is

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    @timhall, is there any chance you'd consider upgrading to 1Password 4 for Windows?

    Please see this article for details on installation and pricing (probably a pleasant surprise).

    I'd love to know whether the problem still occurs for you, using the current version.

  • Ironically, the reason why I came back to this issue was in the context of debating whether to pay for the upgrade or not. The current version I have does everything I need, so I feel no reason to pay for an upgrade. But if I was sure it was going to fix my issue then I probably would. I'm certainly not shelling out in the vague hope it might though. So - how about the link I provided earlier? Does that work correctly on the latest?

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    @timhall, please check your forum messages.

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  • Hi - I'm having the same issue although I do have the updated Onepassword 4. I'm not given the option of creating a new login and even when I open the program itself to do it manually, it recommends I do it from the Chrome Extension. Any suggestions appreciated!! Here's the website I was trying...

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    @timhall, did you intend to post that single punctuation mark?

    Let us know if you have a question.


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    @litovim‌, please try the steps in the Creating a Login manually article, and let us know how it goes.

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