local sync - I am starting to lose confidence

Let me start by stating that I have - until recently - been very pleased with 1PW. A long time user since version 1.
I am on Mac OSX 10.7.x and bought the v. 4 upgrade when local sync over wifi was announced (eagerly awaited - I had forgotten my iMac is too old for upgrading OS, but that's my own fault).
My setup has been 1PW on Mac, and two iOS devices. I relied on iTunes to keep devices in sync and left the v.3 on the mac for occasional use, but mostly use iOS devices, now at v 4.5.3

I am concerned about the ill advised decision to leave out the crucial feature of local sync; what were the features that required this sacrifice?
I am concerned that absolutely no communication as to ETA despite this being a must have for many users.
If you don't want to bring it back until iOS v 8 - fair enough, but state this so that users can act accordingly.
If you don't want to bring it back at all - ok, but state this.
I acknowledge that your resources are limited, but your choice to abstain from communicating clearly, if and when this must-have option will be reinstated is difficult to understand.

1Pw has been of a few select apps that I install first when changing device or computer and many times have I recommended it to friends, family and colleagues.
No longer so I am afraid.

I will rather be looking at competitors' attempts to accommodate the need for a good password manager.



  • JasperJasper

    Team Member

    Hi @Tee_Jay,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    As you've noticed, data transfer to 1Password for iOS via iTunes File Sharing is no longer available (since 1Password 4.5 for iOS). However, we didn't leave out local sync completely. Wi-Fi sync is a great option for many users, but I understand that's not compatible for your setup.

    1Password 4.5.2 for iOS now creates automatic backups that are accessible via iTunes. And we're looking into a restore function for a future update. I should also mention that the backup/restore format is not backwards compatible with 1Password 3. The 1p4_zip files contain a backup of your OnePassword.sqlite file, which is the format used by 1Password 4 for Mac and 1Password 4 for iOS.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any progress on the restore function to report at the moment. It's on our list, but I don't have an ETA on when this will be added. Again, thanks for the feedback!

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