Sites with a 2-step login

Some sites have what I call a 2-step login. Bank of America is one example. How does 1password handle that situation (and is there a place where I could have read about that)?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Bob, a 1password newbie


  • Just perform a search for Bank of America on this site to bring up a wealth of threads. Now while they are mostly targeted at 1Password 4 OS X I'm sure the concept can be adapted somewhat to iOS, at least the two login approach. I don't have any two login sites that don't involve random characters from a password so haven't ever needed to try this sort of thing.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi Bob ( @blefever‌ ),

    Two-page Logins sometimes involve an extra entry: How to create multi-page Logins, however, we've found that many of these sites can be filled using 1 entry. Bank of America is an excellent example of this. As @littlebobbytables‌ suggests, 1Password and Bank of America is a handy set of steps. It is written for 1Password 4 for Mac, but the same concept will apply if you are creating the entry on your iOS device.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, we're happy to help!

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