1Password can be bigger in cryptocurrency

I'm very active in the world of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ripple, Nxt, etc..). In the new crypto 2.0, Nxt, we use a brainwallet. So the NXT coins (private keys) are not stored on the computer but in the Nxt network. The password creates a new account and it has to be 35+ random characters to be safe. On www.nxtforum.org a lot of people use Lastpass and Keepass, but I am more fond of 1Password because of it's usability and nice design, so I try to promote 1Password as much as possible on the forums and Twitter.

I believe 1Password can create a lot of marketcap in the crypto's, especially in Nxt. I want crypto and Nxt to be popular and 1Password can help the users to be safe.

An idea just popped up: At Nxt we created a Nxt Ad Network which can help you promote 1Password cheap on Nxt-sites http://www.nxtad.net.

Good luck and contact me for more business information. :)


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    Thank you for the suggestion, @farl‌. I'll pass it along to the decision makers here. :)

  • I too vote with @farl. I would like to store my digital coin private information in a sane manner in 1P. Currently, I create them as a bank account with a private key / public key instead of routing number / account number... Awkward, but it works.

  • Hi @MrJoshuaP‌

    Thanks so much for adding your vote here. :) It's been passed along.

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