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I hate spam.

Here I am trying to take the effort (and precious time from my work) to provide feedback, and I get this:

**You have posted I times within 60 seconds. A spam block is now in effect on your account You must wait at least 300 seconds before attempting to post

I often compose multiple messages offline, and then post them here all at once. It this particular case, I wasn't even doing that. Maybe I just managed to type really fast? Don't know.

Surely, you can find a way to make this easier for people that you know are true contributors and not spammers.


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    Hi @fool4,

    I apologize about this. We have these anti-spam rules in place because we've been getting massive spam attacks recently and we're working with Vanilla and Akismet on controlling these attacks. In the meantime, we have this flood control in place to prevent these attacks. I've adjusted it to allow two discussions within 60 seconds. There is actually no way to know spammers and contributors apart until the attack occurs first, thus the rules apply to everybody.

    Generally, people do not do create multiple threads at the same time and they write their messages on the forum rather than doing it offline.

    If you create two threads and 3 comments in 60 seconds, you're okay but any more than that, you'd be prevented from posting another thread/message for 3 minutes. It is very unlikely that anybody would need to create more than 2 discussions within 60 seconds or more than 3 posts.

  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    Given all the call girl posts I've been seeing over the last couple of weeks, I'm happy for whatever spam controls there are for the moment.

    This is a little off topic, but these people are always getting a jump ahead on this slime. The robo callers to us have recently begun to spoof caller IDs to show a random name and a number only a couple of digits away from our own number. Very frustrating. It seems like the caller is a neighbor.

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    Hi @hawkmoth,

    You might want to report these to the right authorities, so that they can fine these companies. Spoofing the caller ID doesn't hide it from the phone companies, which the FCC can gather from based on your reports.

  • Doesn't help with companies based abroad, which many of them are.

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