password field will not fill

Form code contains additional hidden password field
I have a few sites where either the password or username wont get the automatic field value. One of those sites are - i cant get the password field to work.. is there anyway i can fix this?.

also thank you for a great software :)


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    Since 3.5.1 final i have the same problem. I use Fx 4 beta 7. Via TimMachine i use 3.5.1 beta 2 right now and i have no problem at all...
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    Welcome to the forums, Billy. I'm sorry you folks are having this problem. My guess is that Betfair recently changed the code on their site which is affecting the login process. I achieve the same results whether using 3.5.1.BETA-2 or 3.5.1 (stable). The form filling code in 1Password has not actually changed at all between the two versions. :-(

    Please take a look at our "Website Login Issues" guide for some further information and tips in these instances. Unfortunately, I was not able to get 1Password to fill the password field on Betfair no matter what I did. I can't speak to what the code was like previously, but it currently has two identically-named password fields (one of them is readily visible on the page but exists only in the code).

    In the meantime, you might try contacting Betfair to see if they are aware that their code is causing these issues not only for 1Password users but possible users with disabilities as well as some assistive technology might also have trouble filling in the form elements.

    I'm sorry I don't have a better answer for you right now, but we will work to resolve this issue in a future update!
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