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Im using 1Password mainly to keep track of all my online bookmakers, but also my online wallets like Moneybookers, Paypal and Neteller. When i want to make a deposit at some bookmakers I need to enter the username and password for the online wallet on the bookmakers site, so right now i have to open the 1Password software and find the password inside and copy it. Would it be possible to keep these online wallets as "Wallets" inside the 1password like visa or mastercard, and then just click the online wallet when I need it at a bookmaker? - else its a suggestion.


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    Hi Billy,

    I'm not sure I understand the issue. 1Password should be able to save your username and password for any page (even within a site) as a Login. If you are not prompted to save the Login, please try saving it manually.

    Do you have an example URL? I have a PayPal account if you could give me directions to find the type of page to which you are referring if the URL is only available after you have logged in.

    Please let me know. Thanks! :-)
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