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When user opens page which is in favourites in 1P on iOS and then closes iOS and system will remove it from memory then after opening of 1P empty tab in browser is presented. Such behaviour is from quite long time ago and in many versions of 1P for iOS so maybe it is designed so.
In my opinion in such situation 1P should present list of Favourites or ask user if he want to open previously opened page.


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    Hi @PLman,

    Right now, there is no history or retaining your open tabs in 1Browser. In fact, it doesn't retain anything when you close 1Password or if it is terminated in the background by iOS.

    This is something we'd like to fix in the future for 1Browser, to make it just as useful than Safari itself; retaining tabs, showing history, auto-completion in address bar, supporting iOS action extensions, downloading files, and so on.

  • So 1P should open favourites when started - not empty tab which can be only closed by user.

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    Hi @PLMan,

    You can go to Favorites first and tap on the URL to open it in 1Browser, which does the same thing.

    We will improve the initial experience in 1Browser in the future to make it more useful.

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