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Hi, I am using outlook web app with latest safari and whenever i log-in to owa using 1password, I always get logged into outlook light version (regardless whether i click light version option or not at log in page). is there anyways to prevent this? FYI, I can log in to outlook full version without any problem if i am not using 1 password.



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    Hi @kyu81‌,

    Looking at Microsoft's support docs, it seems Outlook Web App automatically serves up the version it thinks is best using browser detection. Safari 6 or later on OS X should show the Best mode, which is the full web app.

    The only thing I can think of right off the top of my head is if we are somehow triggering a hidden form field. If you open your login item for this, please click the Show web form details button. Does it look like it is accessing more than username, password, and the remember me checkbox?

  • Having the same problem here: Outlook Web Access opens in light mode every single time.

    When editing the the web form details, I can see that above the username, there is an empty selection box, with no description.

    Have you got any solution?

  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support 1Password Alumni

    @larsvanzanten‌ Could you attach a screen shot of your web form details? Go ahead and edit the username out with Preview or another image editor.

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    Thanks, @larsvanzanten‌! If you create a new Login item (File > New Item) in the main 1Password app with the same URL, username, and password, do you see the same thing happen when you fill it? When you save Logins in the browser — which is the recommended way to do it — 1Password "learns" the form fields. I'm wondering if we don't let it see the form fields and just create a new item in the main app if the behavior will be different.

  • Yes, that did the trick. Awesome, thanks!

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    That is great news! Thanks for letting me know. :)

    We still have to figure out why saving the form fields isn't working, but I'm glad the workaround of creating the Login item in the main 1Password app works for you for now.

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