Safari plug in is erratic! [moved to email]

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After closing Safari or rebooting my system and then try to click on the 1password icon on the safari toolbar it immediately opens a new tab and says its continuing with safari mini or something similar. I have the latest version of Safari 7.0.6 and am using an iMac OS 10.9.4...if I log on with my master password it starts working again...Any thoughts?


  • MeganMegan 1Password Alumni

    Hi @tdavey,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with 1Password right now. I've got two things I'd like you to check:

    • Is 1Password Mini set to keep running, even when 1Password is closed? If not, the extension will be unable to access the database. You can find this setting in Preferences > General: ‘Always keep 1Password mini running’ should be checked.
    • Are you using Sophos? Please see our guide on Configuring Sophos for advice on how to ensure that Sophos doesn't interfere with 1Password.

    I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions or concerns, we're here for you! :)

  • Hi Megan, thanks for your reply and the answers to your two questions are , yes and no... So thats whats confusing me, preferences are set to keep mini running always and I done use Sophos. Could it be that the version of mini I have installed as an extension is version 4.2.4 and 1Password is 4.4.1? Grasping at straws, I'm clearly no expert so hope that doesn't sound daft!

  • sjksjk oversoul

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    Hi @tdavey,

    Thank you for the answers to @Megan's questions. Versions 4.2.4 and 4.4.1 are the current ones for the 1Password extension and application so you're up-to-date there. It's okay that their versions mismatch and not daft to ask about it!

    You mentioned:

    After closing Safari or rebooting my system and then try to click on the 1password icon on the safari toolbar …

    Presumably you've also restarted Safari again before clicking the 1Password icon in its toolbar. :)

    if I log on with my master password it starts working again

    Are you opening the main 1Password application, unlocking there, and then able to use the extension again in Safari until the next time Safari is restarted?

    We'd like to take a closer look at your current configuration to find out where the extension is initially getting stuck. To do that, please email us a Diagnostics Report from your Mac, along with a link to this topic and your forum username, to [email protected]. A quick comment here mentioning that you've sent the report would also be helpful. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi again, I have attached the report and just one other point which may or not help, this problem occurs on both my Macbook Air and iMac...This report is from the macbook...Thanks again for your help.

  • MeganMegan 1Password Alumni

    Hi @tdavey,

    We've received your Diagnostics Report - thanks for sending it in! I've updated the email thread with the necessary details from this forum discussion so that it is easier for our support team to get up to speed with the issue. Someone from the support team will get back to you as soon as possible with some further information. We'll keep the conversation going directly via email to avoid complicating things between here and there. :)

    ref: ZWB-84578-548

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