Where is "never for this website" option to disable auto-save?

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Hi folks - there are a couple of financial sites for which I carry the passwords in my head. In 1P3 I could switch off the attempts to save the login by activating an option NEVER FOR THIS WEBSITE. I can't remember exactly how I did it, but it stopped 1P3 repeatedly attempting to save the login. Does this feature still exist in 1P4, and if so, where is it pls?


  • Preferences : Browser

    Assuming you have the bottom checkbox for Automatically ask to save new Logins checked you should be able to add domains to the text box below that. I thought it asked you in the dialog it opened for saving a new Login if you didn't want to save for site in question but as I've turned that whole feature off at some point I can't remember the options it gives you at the moment.

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    Hi @Fraser,

    Like @littlebobbytables mentioned, you can add domains to exclude from auto-save under "(except on the following domains)" in the Preferences > Browser tab of the main 1Password application (when unlocked):

    You can also click the gear in the 1Password Save Login window and select Never Autosave for this site:

    I think that's the option he couldn't remember. :)

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