GetFrontProcess failed [moved to email; sent Diagnostics Report]

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I am regularly (by example 12 times today so far) getting the following error message in the console:[218]: GetFrontProcess failed: -600

Is this normal? How do I solve this?

1Password seems to work OK.


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    Hi @toasted,

    Thanks for reporting this. It isn't typical, but also doesn't appear be anything abnormal or serious.

    Can you correlate the messages with any specific 1Password or system activity? And what other messages appear shortly before and after these messages?

    If your system hasn't been restarted since this started happening, please give that a try and if you're still seeing the messages after that we'll further investigate their cause. Thanks!

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    I cannot correlate the message with any activity on the Mac.

    Starting Chrome or Safari does not result in the failure message nor does logging into the 1P app.

    Console records go back to 23/08 and show problem sporadically throughout.

    Typically there is no Console entry for some time (in the example below for 29 minutes) in then something like this appears:

    _29/08/2014 10:06:01.846 am[218]: GetFrontProcess failed: -600

    29/08/2014 10:06:01.846 am[218]: GetFrontProcess failed: -600

    29/08/2014 10:12:41.357 am[218]: 441006 [EXT:0x7f97d8d57810:] M webSocketForURI: | [ES4] Extension connected Safari-Extension 'safari-extension://com.agilebits.onepassword4-safari-2bua8c4s2c / (null)'

    29/08/2014 10:24:31.251 am[218]: 441006 [EXT:0x7f97d8c07bd0:] M webSocketForURI: | [ES4] Extension connected Safari-Extension 'safari-extension://com.agilebits.onepassword4-safari-2bua8c4s2c / (null)'_

    I have emailed a Diagnostics report and referenced this Forum entry.

    As I mentioned, 1Password seems to work OK, so there is no urgency... but might be nice to know the problem. :)>-

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    Hi @toasted,

    Thanks for the followup here and sending the Diagnostics Report. We've received your email and will continue the discussion there so I'll close this topic. It looks like the 1Password mini helper process is failing to find some other process and hopefully the report will help isolate which it is.

    ref: TKP-43741-998

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