Security hole? Preferences stays open when 1Password locks

rbondirbondi Junior Member

To reproduce:

  • Open 1password
  • unlock it
  • open preferences
  • close mac
  • open mac

Expected result:

  • preferences are gone, 1password is locked

Actual result:

  • 1password is locked, but preferences are open and can be edited: see attached screenshot.


  • chrisdjchrisdj AgileBits Support

    Team Member

    Hi @rbondi‌,

    When 1Password is in a locked state, some preferences remain active. Some of these need to remain active for troubleshooting in certain circumstances, such a being able to disable 1Password mini in General, as shown in your screenshot. You will notice that most of the Security panel is disabled when 1Password is locked, along with Watchtower and Sync.

    In other words, we lock down the parts that should only be changed by the owner of the data, who we assume is the person that knows the Master Password. The items we leave unlocked in preferences have no way to compromise the security of your data.

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