Attachments not removed from iOS app after deleted from 1PW for Windows. [Known Issue]

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Possible bug? Happens very frequently (90%+) but not 100% I think.
Here's the scenario:

  1. Attachments (JPGs, PDFs tested, but I think it happens to others too) are added to 1PW for Windows. Window is closed/minimized
  2. iOS app is manually synched. I see the attachments.
  3. Attachments are deleted in the 1PW for windows. Window is closed/minimized
  4. iOS app is manually synched. I still see both attachments. Nothing I can do will delete them.

The only solution is to duplicate the original file (without the attachments) and re-add them however I want.

Can anyone else replicate this?


  • This is a known issue with the Mac application and iOS. It behaves exactly as you describe for Windows, and the only solution at the moment is the one you describe. The developers are tracking this and working on a fix, but as always, they don't project a time for it to be fixed. I am not a Windows user, so I'm just assuming that what happens on a Mac happens on a Windows box.

  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @mia,

    Like hawkmoth mentioned, this is currently a known issue. We are working to fix this in a future update. Sorry for the trouble!

  • How can I add on my iPhone or iPad attachments (JPGs, PDFs)?
    I do not understand how you can keep in 1P attachments (iPhone/Ipad)? Please explain.

  • hawkmothhawkmoth
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    @mac1 - The only way you can get your attachments to your iOS installations is to add them on the desktop version and then sync them to you iOS device through Dropbox. If you were a Mac user, iCloud would also be an option. At the present time, you cannot add attachments directly in iOS devices. The developers have said they are working on changing that.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi @mac1,

    As @hawkmoth‌ says, adding attachments via iOS is not yet available. I'm happy to add your vote to the feature request in our internal tracker. I'd love to see this feature as well!

    ref: OPI-1027

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