Syncing old 1password extensions in chrome/safari with updated 1password main app

While writing this post I've solved problem but I'll put this up anyway incase it helps anyone else

I've been using 1p for some years now but while I've always been saving my passwords to the chrome extension it hasn't been syncing with the main app so now I've updated the main app to the latest version (4.4.1) but it isn't up to date with my current passwords and is missing new ones - I have just added the new 1password extension to chrome so it now has two 1p extensions - the old one with all my current and old passwords and the new one which only has my old ones from years ago.

LATEST: While writing this post I've managed to export the data from the old chrome extension and store it in a textedit rtf file then changed it to plain text file and then changed the ending to .1pif so it imports into 1password! BISH BASH BOSH


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