Search Function feaure is useful in long secure notes

So many of the items I keep track of are not related to email and websites. In the past I have used Steganos LOCKNOTE successfully on my PC. It's perfect for me as it is nothing more than a password protected text file. Unfortunately for windows only. 1Password is my replacement for it across all platforms. It would be PERFECT if I could do a search in Secure Notes for keywords or any string just because the file is so LONG with 16 years worth of little comments and notes. While I'm at the PC I have a work around, but I just have to scroll and scroll when on the smartphone. This file is my human RAM as I get older. Thanks, Richard


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    Hey Richard. Thanks for your feedback. We are looking to improve the search functionality found in 1Password for Android. I agree with your suggestion, it would be nice if search went beyond just the item title. I'll be passing on your feedback to our team. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • hello, i also would very much like to have the search function in the secure note. i have the same issue as above - but on iphone and in windows. since only android was mentioned above if it's available in iphone app, please advise. i also don't know the workaround the other commenter uses in windows - that would be worthwhile to learn. thanks!

  • Yes. Me too. While I can search for any keyword and 1Password will select the correct secure note, it does not highlight or move to the keyword within the note. I would really like this capability as I have a few longer secure notes. Thanks!

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    I can see the usefulness of having a search option for long secure notes. I will add your votes for this request! We appreciate the feedback. :)

  • I want to ask for the ability to Search to the positions of hits in Secure Notes. I have the same issue as the original poster. I have been using an encrypted notes program on my Mac, called iNotePad for many years. I copied all that information into the Secure Notes ares of 1Password and your search function does not take me directly to the search results in that note.

    Since you don't have this function, I purchased the Codebook Secure Notebook app, It has this functionality, which is critical for my workflow. It took me a long time to find an app that does this on my devices. I tried Trunk Notes, Krypton, and others. Krypton came the closest, but it was still clunky. Krypton highlights the relevant search hits, but does not take you directly to those hits. So you have to scroll and scroll and scroll.

    If 1Password had this feature, it would be 100% complete in my opinion.

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    Thank you for your feedback @Koa. I will certainly add your vote for this request.

  • I just wanted to add another vote for this feature request. Just would make my life SO much easier and I can't think it would be that hard to implement. Let's get on this Agilebits :) !!!

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    Thanks for getting in touch with us, @hmbtech. I'm adding your vote! :)
    ref: OPA-345

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