How To: Use 1Password with Opera on Windows

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Hi all,

Firefox is hideously slow in the new version32 on my 64-bit Windows 7 machine. It's the browser I'm quite sure because when I switch to Opera, things fly at normal speed. Since my beloved 1password isn't available for Opera I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to what I might use on Opera. I'd likely not put my whole database into another product but I'm so spoiled, something would be nice.

Thanks as usual.



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    Actually, @gorham‌, 1Password 4 has an Opera extension. Just visit in Opera to install it.

  • This is extremely good news. Will my original license cover this or will there be an additional cost? Inquiring minds want (need) to know. B-)

    Thanks so much; this will be very helpful and not just when Firefox is slow. I have a few sites that I prefer to use on Opera.

  • The license isn't tied to any particular browser. I have extensions for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Even though Safari is my usual choice, I have occasion to use all three.

  • Great! But how do I install it in Opera. I tried downloading, saving and opening with Opera. Nothing happens. So I tried opening it direct. Still nothing. I'm sure I'm missing the obvious but could someone please steer me in the right direction. Thanks as usual.


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    Are you using 1Password 1 or 4? The Opera extension only works with version 4. If you have 1Password 1 you can get 1Password 4 for free if you bought it 2013 or later. Download it here:

    If you bought it before 2013, you can see the upgrade pricing if you enter your current license key here:

    Also, if you're confused about the version numbers: they went directly from 1 to 4 to catch up with 1Password on the other platforms. The extensions' version number were however 3. So 1Password 1 for Windows are using version 3 extensions, and 1Password 4 for Windows are using version 4 extensions.

  • Hmmm.. 3.9.20 is what I was running (on Windows 7 64-bit by the way). Okay, I've upgraded to Is there a way to find out when upgrades are available?

    Anyway, now I have the problem that my old 1password still exists both in Windows and as a Firefox add-on. I'm afraid to use Revo uninstaller (my usual uninstall method) because I think it might also take some version 4 files. Can I just delete the old files and is there a list of them? As far as Firefox goes, both are completely functional so I'm running 3.9 right next to 4.0. I can remove 3.9 from the toolbar but it must have files or fragments too.

    As for Opera, I still can't figure out how to get the extension installed.

    I guess I'm glad I have the latest 1pw (although I'm not wild about the new Firefox interface) but it does seem that it's fostered some headaches too. I'll get there but right now I have a messy system.


  • If you want a clean system, just uninstall both versions and then re-install v4 from scratch. The only thing to be careful of is to make sure you have a current copy of your vault, just in case Revo removes that too.

  • Hi Richard. I actually ended up doing that (uninstalling both). But, having tried version 4, I ended up re-installing version 1. I could work with the windows desktop of 1pw4 but not the Firefox extension. Just too unwieldy for the way I work. And I never did figure out how to get the extension working in Opera anyway.

    So. One last (I devoutly hope and so, no doubt, do you) question. Would it be possible to have the 1password1 Firefox extension (it actually shows up as version 3.9.20) and use version 4 on the desktop? If not, what would be a compelling reason to use version 4?

    Thanks as usual.


  • You'd have to have v4 of the app (and all of its supporting files) and v3 of the helper (and all of its supporting files). You could try installing v3 and v4 and the same time into different folders. You'd then need to manually re-jig the auto-startups to stop the v4 helper from running and re-enabling the v3 helper (it's a service iirc).

    In other words, it might be possible but you're going to have to mess about with it to see if you can make it work. Needless to say, this would not be a support configuration and so the Agilebit's guys ability to provide support may be limited.

  • The v4 helper supports both the v4 extension and the v3 extension.

  • Very neat! I have a hiccup but I think I can live with it. I went ahead and installed version 4 in its own directory. When I did its preferences, I did not install the Firefox extension. 1pw4 is working fine on the desktop. 1pw1 (or 3.9.21 if you will) is working in Firefox except that I got this trouble report when I first started it. I tried to attach a PDF file but the filetype was refused.


    The release notes referred to in it are for 3.9.21 (

    I don't know yet whether I'll get the error every time I reboot/relogin the system but it seems to allow me to use the extension at will during this session.

    Uh, Svondutch, what exactly does that mean, version 4 supports both v4 and v3 extension. Does that mean I don't need to leave the complete version 3 installed? For now I will anyway but am intrigued by your comment.

    Thanks so much for helping me work through this. Apologies for the large image file. As I said, I did try to give you a PDF but the forum would have none of it. B-)


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    There is no 1Password 3 for Windows. 1Password 1 for Windows uses the 3.x extensions; 1Password 4 for Windows is intended to work with the 4.x extensions but will, as @svondutch writes, work with the older 3.x extensions.

    Despite the fact that you can use 1Password 4 with the 3.x extensions, you can always expect a better experience using the extensions designed for compatibility with the version of 1Password you have installed. You get those by clicking on the buttons on the Browsers tab of 1Password preferences in the main program.

  • Okay. I've changed to the new extension. I have to say I don't like it at all. There are far too many steps involved in editing an entry; it feels unwieldy and awkward. If I'm going to have to end up using the desktop 1pw, why even have the browser extension. Assuming I keep it, I do wish it could be customizable. I don't want or use the search or tags lines and wish I could eliminate them.


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    Thanks for the feedback, @gorham! We'll continue working to improve 1Password and the extensions.

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