Can't get 1Password 4 for prior iOS version [Go to the Purchased section of App Store to find 1P4]

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  • Seriously. Apple just releases a new operating system and all of us using the previous version are suddenly left out in the cold. I have an iPhone 4 and cannot upgrade to IOS 6 much less 1Password 5. Whatever happened to backward compatibility?
    More to the point, what is going to happen to 1Password 4 on my iPhone 4? Will it continue to work - for a while - and then not?

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    Hi @IanGuthrie,

    The App Store is supposed to let you download the prior version of 1Password if you're on the prior version of iOS. It should look like this screenshot:

    1Password 4 will work on your device as long as it can run it, we'll continue to help users with any issues. The only exception is when Dropbox or iCloud sync service stops supporting older apps and in that case, you'd have to drop down to using the Wi-Fi sync with the desktop version of 1Password designed for the iOS app.

    Even 1Password 3 for iOS runs on top of iOS 8 without issues but it can't use Dropbox anymore because it was the oldest Dropbox API version that was dropped last year.

  • I don't get the prompt for previous version. I think you should add the previous version to the App Store again.

  • Also, how secure is the 1Password data if my iPhone is jailbroken?

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    Hi @anjaan,

    I don't get the prompt for previous version

    What do you see instead? Can you take screenshots to show what you see when you tap on the download button for 1Password 4 in the App Store and afterward. If you can't get this to work, it'd suggest there's a bug in the App Store and Apple's not redirecting users properly.

    I think you should add the previous version to the App Store again.

    This is all done by Apple automatically. There is nothing we have to do, all the prior versions are stored on Apple's servers to serve to all iOS customers. We have not checked any boxes to disallow this, in fact, we made sure 4.5.3 version continues to be allowed at the App Store. I've checked it now and it shows this version is allowed.

    We might have a bug in the App Store, if you can help me with the screenshots, we can try to talk to Apple about this.

    I also recommend contacting the iTunes Support here about getting the previous version of 1Password on iOS 7.

    Also, how secure is the 1Password data if my iPhone is jailbroken?

    The data itself is always encrypted on your disk but you risk exposing your master password as you type it in and that'll give any potential malware on your iOS device the ability to use that against your data to decrypt it and upload it elsewhere. In addition to the master password, you also risk whatever you're typing into 1Password.

    In other words, you're putting your trust on the jailbreak authors and whatever exploits that may come into your system, not Apple or AgileBits.

  • Here is the screenshot:

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    Hi @anjaan,

    Just to make sure, you looked for it in Updates > Purchased, not search, right? 1Password 4 will not show up in the Search view.

  • Thanks, MikeT, that worked for me. I have purchased and installed version 5 for iOS8 on my iPhone, but am not ready to upgrade from iOS7 on my iPad. When I went to the Purchased items in the App Store, and clicked on the cloud icon for the already purchased 1Password (usable on both devices), I got the prompt you displayed, with the option to download an older version compatible with iOS7. Works great!

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    Hi @schoen49‌,

    That's great news, thank you for letting us know this works. Hopefully, @anjaan will get that working as well.

  • @MikeT I have never downloaded 1Password before on my iPhone so I don't think it will show up for me in Updates > Purchased correct? I don't see it there.

  • Hi, I just purchases from the apple store and installed on my laptop. However, I have no option to download and install an older version for my ipad, or iPhones. I haven't upgraded to 8 and i can't for various reasons. I presume I can't get the older versions, because I never downloaded to these devices? Is there any way for me to get the older mobile versions? Unfortunately, the app is almost useless to me if I can't get it across all devices. Thanks.

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    Hi guys,

    @anjaan, if you never purchased 1Password 4 in the past, then yes, Apple won't show you 1Password 4 at all. They will only offer compatible versions to customers who bought the app in the past.

    @Trent Kenagy, I apologize for the confusion but your Mac App Store purchase doesn't include the iOS apps, it doesn't carry over to the iOS App Store. If you never bought 1Password at the iOS App Store, there is no way to buy 1Password 4, you'd need a device running iOS 8 to purchase 1Password

    The compatible versions are only available to the customers who purchased the apps in the past, we unfortunately do not have the power to offer it to all users, only Apple do.

    iOS 8 is compatible with: iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad Mini or later.

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