Add keywords to a login to find it quicker in search

For example: I have a imdb login with the keywords: movies, movie, film. Lets say I want to search it and type in movie. Now all the logins with the keywords movie come up. Can you add this feature? I have tried it with label, notes, tags but it didn't work.


  • With 1P4 for OS X you can easily search by tag. You can either:

    1. show tags in the side bar and click on the relevant tag to see all items tagged with that tag (which I appreciate will not be limited to logins); or
    2. in the search box, click on show search options and work from there, searching either all items or just logins, and choosing, for example, Tag is (although there are other options too).

    You can even save the search as a smart folder if you wish.

    I don't have my phone to hand just at the moment (sorry!) so can't check what you can do with 1P5 for iOS, although I know it supports tags.


  • In 1P for Windows, you can't have tags on the left side bar but you can search for them. Press ctrl+f to go to the search box and Alt+down to list tags to search by.

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