Master password setting?

Every time that I click on the 1Password app w/i the same session on my ipad, it asks for my master password. When I bounce back and forth between 1Password and Mail or other apps, this gets rather tedious. I assume that there must be a setting for this, but I don't see it. What am I missing?


  • Have you set the option to use a PIN or Touch ID to on. That in the security settings. There you can also set the time interval for the need to reenter the master password and the PIN. Be sure you also check the Advanced section of the settings to see that the option to use iCloud keychain is set to on. If you don't do that, when iOS shuts down 1Password when it is idle to reclaim memory for other uses, you will be asked again for your master password, regardless of the interval you set.

    You should be able to find a comfortable set to timings with those options.

    (At present, on an iPhone, only Touch ID is an option, not PIN. That's an issue the developers are working to fix for users who prefer a PIN to using Touch ID. On an iPad, there is only the option to use a PIN, since iPads don't have Touch ID at all.)

  • I have an ipad running IOS 7. The ipad has a pin. But my problem is that when I 1st connect to 1Password, switch to another app, and go back to 1Password, I have to enter my master password even if it's only 10 seconds later. I don't see how to change this. Like I said, it is tedious

  • What are your settings in Settings > Security on the iPad?


  • I do not have a Security link under Settings. Honest! I have a Privacy (no Security link or 1Password icon). I have a General link under Settings, but it has no Security link.

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    Hi @tobindia,

    Just to clarify here, we're curious about what the Security settings are inside 1Password (in 1Password > Settings > Security), not in the Settings App. Have a read through our TouchID FAQ to learn about how to set 1Password's security settings to get the behaviour that you want. :)

  • I do not understand. When I log on to 1Password and enter my Master Password, I see NOTHING that says Settings. Furthermore, whatever I click on (Messages, Bookmarks, etc.) say nothing about Settings. I am using an ipad running IOS 7 -- not 8. I do not have TouchID, so looking at TouchID FAQ does not help. So, I can't tell you what my Security settings are.

  • I don't have my iPad at hand just at the moment to take a screen shot for you but if you look at this page of the iOS user guide you'll see a screen shot of the iPhone showing you how to get to Settings. You are looking for that icon on your iPad and will find it down the right hand side of the screen (if my recollection is correct). Once you get to Settings you will find what you need in the Security section.


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    @tobidnia: If you are within (!) 1Password on your iPad, you'll find the little gear wheel icon in the lower left corner of the 1P screen. Tap here and you'll see the following sections: Vaults, Security, Sync, View, 1Browser, Pro Functions, Help etc. (Maybe they are called a little different since I use the German version and the words above are my guesses on how these items are named in the English version.)

    Tap on the Security section are you should be done...

  • This is so exasperating! And it must be for you all, too. I know everyone's trying to help, but somehow we're not communicating. I suspect that there's a really, really basic step that I'm missing. I don't know how to take screen shots on my iPad, so let me just walk you thru... I click on the 1Password icon on my iPad and I enter my Master Password. I get a browser window. At the top, right, there is a key symbol, a plus sign, and a list symbol. Clicking on the key shows a drop down box with lines for "Login Using", "Fill Credit Card", and "Fill Identity." Clicking on the plus sign just opens a new tab, obviously. Clicking on the list symbol show the Categories screen. The icons on the left are globe, star, file cabinet, and folder symbols. Clicking on the globe takes me back to the browser screen. Clicking on the star shows an empty Favorites screen. Clicking on the file cabinet shows the Categories window. Clicking on the folder shows an empty Organize screen. NONE of these screens say anything about settings, or have a gear wheel, or show anything like the iOS User Guide page that Stephen_C refers to. So, what am I missing?

  • Taking a screenshot is actually pretty easy once you know how. Just simultaneously press the power and home button. You'll hear the camera sound and then in your camera roll you should find the screen shot.

    Now it seems most images in the guide are of the iPhone. This link though does have one image of an iPad. Do you see the little grey cog in the bottom left hand corner of the iPad screen, that's how you access settings. If you don't have that cog, well thats pretty weird and I suspect AgileBits would be very interested in a screenshot of your device. From there you should be getting something that vaguely looks like this. I say vaguely because yeah, it's an iPhone screen shot and it's quite clear things are different on the iPad. I don't own an iPad myself so can't take a screenshot that would help.

  • Perhaps this will help. See the gray gear wheel all the way at the bottom left? If you're in portrait orientation, it's also way down at the very bottom left.

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    I get a browser window


    Clicking on the list symbol show the Categories screen.

    Do this.

    The icons on the left are globe, star, file cabinet, and folder symbols.

    There is also a gear icon, below the folder symbol (there is a much bigger gap than there is for the other icons). This is the settings icon.

    Edit: See hawkmoth's screenshot above. :) His is better than mine.

  • EUREKA!!! I'm in! I won't bother to explain my, ah, shortcomings I'm embarrassed enuf already. I see all of the security settings, and I understand them. Thank you all very much for your patience as much as your knowledge.

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    Thanks for the update @tobindia‌. Glad to hear that resolved the issue for you!

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