Sync Multiple Vaults Over iCloud [Not yet possible, might be in the future]

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Is there a way to sync multiple vaults over iCloud? I don't like Dropbox's security policy, so I wont use Dropbox, and I can't always sync over WiFi.
I tired looking around and all I can find are the instructions for Dropbox syncing. Are there instructions somewhere that I am missing for multiple vaults over iCloud sync or is this not possible yet?



  • At the moment your only option for syncing secondary vaults is via Dropbox.

    I have a messy workaround involving moving items backwards and forwards between my secondary and primary vault for the purposes of allowing a complete WiFi sync. It only works because I have a small set of tags that cover every entry in my secondary vault and I accept it results in a more messy iOS vault.

    AgileBits do recognise that syncing is an important part of their application and I believe they've been working on giving us better sync options. What they don't do is spill the beans as to what and when ;)

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    We are indeed looking into other sync options. :)

  • Any update on this? I purchased the App Store version because I figured multiple vaults would work, but sadly disappointed.

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    As you noticed multiple vaults do not work with iCloud. Personally I am hoping to see that fixed soon, but I don't work for the guys and thats purely a hope.

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    Sorry @officialcoopy‌ and @thightower‌, nothing to report yet. Thanks for checking in, though, it helps us rank the importance of these requests when we see our customers continually asking for them.

  • I too am interested in this. iCloud would be great - could it be that the new iCloud Drive makes this possible?

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    Thanks for the feedback, Thomas. 1Password does not actually use iCloud Drive (it wouldn't work well for us). Instead we use a related technology, that relies on iCloud Drive being enabled, called CloudKit. Apple has a technical document published that has a table explaining the differences here:


  • I also did just purchase the pro version thinking I could sync multiple vaults via iCloud but am I correct in understanding this is not currently possible? This is a feature I think would greatly improve the app and make me feel like upgrading to Pro was worth it. I do not trust drop box to secure my data as well as iCloud can.

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    I do not trust drop box to secure my data as well as iCloud can.

    Dropbox and iCloud are not the security providers for your 1Password data, your Master Password is.

    I also did just purchase the pro version thinking I could sync multiple vaults via iCloud but am I correct in understanding this is not currently possible? This is a feature I think would greatly improve the app and make me feel like upgrading to Pro was worth it.

    It is not currently possible, but hopefully will be in the future. Currently only Dropbox can sync multiple vaults.

  • Good morning,

    BWoodruff mentions that "Currently only Dropbox can sync multiple vaults". Well... Unless I don't know how to do it, it doesn't seem to work. Let me explain.

    My first 1Password vault is in Dropbox, in "1Password/1Password.agilekeychain".

    Using the Windows application (version, I created a second vault that I also stored in dropbox, under "1Password/Personnal.agilekeychain". I figured I'd be able to open it from my iPhone App. Wrong!

    On my iPhone (I have the Pro version enabled), I have the French version. I go to "Coffres" (Vaults), then "Ajouter un coffre" (Add a vault), then under the synchronisation methods I choose "Synchronisation avec Dropbox". It shows my account but when I click on it it only shows the "1Password/1Password.agilekeychain" vault.

    How can I make 1Password for iPhone show me the other vaults I have created in the SAME Dropbox account. Or since my Personnal vault is still empty, I wouldn't mind having to create it on the iPhone and sync it to Dropbox after, but I NEED the synching.


  • OK... Nevermind my previous post. It finally worked once my Dropbox synched

    Now I notice something that I find unusual. I have set a different Password to my "Personnal" vault in Windows, and whenever I switch from one vault to the other it asks me for a password. This is as expected.

    On the iPhone, I don't have this confirmation. Whenever I go to the Vault section and select another one, it simply switch without asking any confirmation. In my humble opinion, both the iPhone and Windows versions should work the same way: ask a password whenever you switch vaults.

    If you allow me a suggestion, it would be nice if the iPhone password I type at the beginning would be enough for 1Password to know which vault I want to open. When I type the main password it would open the main vault, and if I type my personnal password it would open my personnal vault...

    Anyhow, thanks for the nice app!

  • Another thing...

    The copy& Paste feature of the Windows app doesn't seem to copy more than 1 entry at a time. If I select multiple entries, Go Edit/Copy in the menu, open the other vault, and go Edit/Paste in the menu, only the first of the initially selected entries are created in the new vault.

    Bottom line it's a pain, because I end up having to transfert all my entries one by one!

    Thanks again

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    Thank you for the feedback and suggestions. :) Glad to hear you were able to get the sync working. I'd be happy to pass your suggestions along to our developers.

  • I too purchased the pro version hoping that I could sync multiple vaults via iCloud. I hope it is something that you guys are looking in to. I think that would make the app so much more powerful and would truly compliment the mac version.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @alxledesma, thanks for your feedback about this! We're definitely looking into it, and there are certainly a lot of others who would also find that useful. :)

  • Hi @Drew_AG‌ I sure hope it is coming soon. This for me is considered core functionality and I would love to see this in a point release not a version! Thank you for the response. You guys are amazing about regarding feed back! I love the 1Password!

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    Thanks for the feedback @alxledesma!

  • It is quite disappointing that Agilebits does not tell us upfront of all the limitations of this product. It is portrayed as easy and all encompassing yet it does not auto populate app sign ins in iOS and does not sync multiple vaults through iCloud. The percentage of people that bank from a browser menu as opposed to an app on mobile platforms is quite small I'm sure. Having to open the app, then open 1password, then navigate to the password, then copy the password, then return to the app, then gain access, is not even close to convenient. These issues need immediate attention. I do like this product as used on my mac, but it is a nuisance at best on and iPhone. Please fix this.

    Respectfully Eze

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    Hi @Eze,

    It is quite disappointing that Agilebits does not tell us upfront of all the limitations of this product.

    I'm sorry you're disappointed about this. We should've been more clear about this. We do plan to try to bring over multiple vault sync support to iCloud but I don't have a specific timeframe on this.

    We just added the multiple-vault support for the Wi-Fi sync in the latest 1Password for Mac 5.1 beta. Hopefully, we can bring that over to iCloud as well.

    it does not auto populate app sign ins in iOS

    The good news is that on iOS 8, Apple provided the new app extension APIs that can make this possible but it requires the app developers to build it in, there is no way to do this system-wide. We have an extension that any app developers are welcome to add to their apps:

    We already have more than 100 apps supporting the 1Password extension and more to come, we just had Flipboard and Foursquare joining our list. You can find the list here:

    Hopefully, your bank app developers might be willing to support 1Password, it doesn't hurt to ask them.

  • I just want to put in my 2 cents here. I just now purchased the Mac version and got pro on my iPhone a little irked to find I cannot sync multiple vaults :-( I like most, don't trust dropbox for this stuff so PLEASE give us either wifi and/or iCloud sync ASAP. Also feature request, allow us to edit the primary vault name in iOS.

  • This is from the release notes of 1P5 5.1.BETA-2 for Mac:

    Wi-Fi Sync of Secondary Vaults

    We've added the syncing of secondary vaults via Wi-Fi in this build, enabling you to sync all of your vaults without using a third-party sync solution.

    Existing secondary vaults syncing with Dropbox will be left on devices, and another vault will be created beside it that's setup for sync via Wi-Fi.



  • So, when will that beta go in the catalog?

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    Hi @addiarmadar‌,

    I'm not sure what you mean by the catalog. If you mean when will we release the stable version of 1Password 5.1 for Mac, we don't know. We release when it is tested and ready to go.

  • The ability to sync the secondary vault through WiFi would be awesome. Can't wait to have it in a next upgrade!

    I would like to mention a feature request: It would be really great to set the sync option (iCloud, WiFi, Dropbox) for each Vault individually.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @Omid,

    Each vault already has its own, individual sync settings. Wi-Fi sync in the beta version of 1Password for Mac is the only exception, since it syncs all vaults (but that may change at some point). Aside from that, you can choose your sync method for each vault (keep in mind that iCloud sync currently works with only the Primary vault).

  • I have created multiple vaults on my Mac but can only access one vault on my iPad. What gives? Using Dropbox. If I delete 1password on my iPad and then download a new one it asks which path I want to choose for which vault but doesn't seem to let me choose multiple vaults?

  • Hi @Drew_AG‌,

    I woud like to sync one (and only one) vault through the iCloud and another one (and only one) over the WiFi. This is what I am suggesting. Currently I can do only the first. The beta fixes this a little but not quite.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    They need to be set up individually:


    Okay, thanks for the clarification.

  • Thanks bwoodruff. That gets me one step closer. On my mac when I want to use a specific vault I can mouse over and click on the keyhole icon and all the different vaults will appear in a drop down menu. This does not happen on my iOS devices. what gives?

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @Eze,

    To switch between vaults on your iOS devices, open 1Password and go to Settings > Vaults, and tap the vault you want to use. Then when you go to the Categories section, you'll see your items from the vault you just selected.

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