Sync Multiple Vaults Over iCloud [Not yet possible, might be in the future]



  • I would like to add my 'vote' to allow multiple vault syncing across iCloud, as I doubt my situation is unique:
    I have 3 vaults in total for my family and find it very cluttered not being able to 'hide' the other 2 vaults until I need them.

    Ben, is there a technical reason why this feature be added? Besides pleasing existing users I'm sure it would encourage new customers.


  • brentybrenty

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    @Markup: I think you may be right! More and more people are using multiple vaults, whereas this was a pretty niche feature for a long time.

    I have 3 vaults in total for my family and find it very cluttered not being able to 'hide' the other 2 vaults until I need them.

    Can you explain what you mean? iCloud cannot sync data between accounts like Dropbox can. Even if we are able to sync multiple vaults using iCloud, the account barrier will not be lifted unless Apple lifts it.

    As for the technical aspect, each vault is a separate data set, and this is not something that works well with CloudKit. Each app has a single CloudKit database, and with 1Password, this database is your vault. As it stands we'd likely have to do a lot of work in oder to cram multiple vaults in there without getting things mixed up. It just wasn't built with this sort of use in mind, though it may be that Apple will add more features and flexibility in the future too. It's definitely something we'd like to do, but it is a difficult problem to solve.

  • I am very disappointed. I can't believe that you don't make this a priority for you because right now, it's for me.

    Basically I have to use my Mac in my daily base, every single day, plus my iPhone. I can't use such of thing like Dropbox and I wouldn't use it for this kind of things.
    This right now is a big issue for me and I hope you have a deadline because all my personal information is out of sync and basically I paid of a useless feature, you should say that "multiple vault doesn't work with iCloud", would change my perspective a lot.

    I hope you do something as soon as possible, I alright lost enough time with this app.

    Very disappointed.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @ubi,

    I'm sorry to hear that. At this time we don't have any definite plans to add multiple vault support to iCloud. One of the primary reasons to have multiple vaults is so that they can be shared. iCloud does not have that capability, and we have no indication that Apple has any plans to add it.

    At this point we recommend Dropbox if you'd like to sync multiple vaults. You may want to review this guide:

    Is it safe to sync my data over the cloud?

    I'm sorry I don't have the answer you were hoping for, but that is the current state of things. I didn't want to give any false impressions.



  • brentybrenty

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    @ubi: Sorry for the confusion! "Primary vault only" is one of the key differences with iCloud from the other sync options, though this is something we'd like to change in the future. Thanks for letting us know it's something that's important to you!

  • Is it possible to sync through iCloud Drive? iCloud Drive is very similar to Dropbox in this case.

    So if you've already implemented the sync with .agilekeychain files (folders actually), I think it is pretty easy to do so with iCloud Drive.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Hozaka,

    It is not currently possible. My understanding is that iCloud Drive does not have a mobile sync API, like Dropbox does.


  • stchizenstchizen
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    Gah. Currently I had all of my items in a single vault....but I want to separate my personal and my work items. I want them both to sync via iCloud. Unfortunately it sounds like i'll have to keep everything in a single vault for now. You know....if you support this I would be forced to get the paid version on my iPhone when I separate my vaults :)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Heh, thanks @stchizen. Note that this is currently possible using Dropbox for both vaults. :)


  • Yeah....I cannot access Dropbox within my enviornment. :(

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Understood. Thanks for the feedback!


  • Hi AgileBits,

    First off I'd like to say I'm loving 1Password 6! Awesome work. I've used the app for several years and it has become an indispensable part of my digital life. Over time I've collected a large number of accounts - many personal and many work related.

    1Password handles this without stumbling, but it is getting to be an organizational problem. I can tag accounts, but that doesn't help when I'm visiting a website and I have 5-10 logins show up in 1Password Mini (many clients/employers). I rarely need access to all of them in one sitting. Usually I am working in one context, either personal or a specific client. In this regard it would be very useful to be able to separate logins into different vaults. This also helps keep my personal logins private, while making it easier to add and delete a specific client's logins.

    While this is currently possible via Dropbox or Wifi Sync, I am often running from client to client, so having the logins sync effortlessly and quickly between my laptops and my phone is really important. Dropbox is not an option for me and it would be nice not to have to install a third party service in order to use the full feature set of 1Password.

    I imagine redesigning the iCloud sync is a huge hurdle, and is part of the reason it hasn't been attempted. If this is something that isn't planned, perhaps you can work towards creating your own sync service for the app? Several other companies have taken a similar route after running into limitations with iCloud sync. This would also help with your expansion onto other platforms! Please tell me something like this is in the works!

  • If this is something that isn't planned, perhaps you can work towards creating your own sync service for the app?

    @DailyUser - In that context, you may be interested in 1Password for Teams, which is currently in beta, or 1Password for Families, which was released last week. A feature of those is that AgileBits does host the data, and you can access it from any web browser or from the native applications you are already used to using. I've signed up for Families, and it looks really good to me.

    I'm curious though. You can't use Dropbox, yet you seem to be advocating for additional iCloud features. Do all of your clients prevent using Dropbox, yet allow iCloud? Judging by the reports I see here in the forum, if one of the cloud solutions is closed off, so is the other.

  • Thanks for those links, @hawkmoth. 1Password for Teams/Families does sound interesting. It looks like you've set up a sync service for those offerings. Do you think you'll offer that as a sync option for individuals in the future? I'd be happy to pay for it. Currently I don't have a need for sharing vaults/logins or multi-user management. I'll check it out anyways though.

    In regards to Dropbox, it's not banned by all my clients, but definitely a few of them. The top two reasons I hear are "Dropbox isn't secure enough for our company data" and "we don't allow that type of software to be install on our computers". Sometimes the big providers (Dropbox/Box/Google Drive) are blocked by the firewall. I realize that iCloud is not all that different, but for whatever reason, I haven't had a problem with it. I think they assume I'll sign into an iCloud account when I setup my mac and that I'll need access to my stored data there.

    Regardless, I would much prefer an AgileBits sync service over iCloud/Dropbox. I'll checkout 1Password for Families, but hopefully that sync service becomes an option for standalone purchases of 1Password too!

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @DailyUser

    I'm glad hawkmoth was able to point you in the right direction. 1Password for Families works great even for families of one. I personally use it that way. I plan to eventually bring my parents in on my account, but for now it is just me.

    It is likely that the currently advertised $5/mo for 1Password for Families (for up to 5 users) is the least we'll be able to charge for the service, though we may have higher tiers in the future for folks who need more features. In fact I suppose you could consider 1Password for Teams one of those higher tiers, at $5/user/mo, with a number of features not offered with Families. We'll also likely run various promotions, such as the currently available early adopter promo which for $5/mo gives you 2GB of storage, up to 7 family members, and +2 months free (normally 1GB, 5 family members):

    AgileBits Blog | Introducing 1Password for Families

    We will have some discount, at least for Teams, for paying annually vs monthly, but $5/mo we feel is a reasonable starting point for the services provided. :)

    I hope that helps!


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