What folder an item belongs to

1PW 4.4.3

MacOS 10.9.5

(and also 1PW 5 for iOS)

I'm in 'pain'. Still waiting for a detail of an item to come back. I still use to put items in folders rather than tags. With about 3500 items, I at times forget my logic and use 'find' to find an item. The item's detail used to show what folder the item belongs to. 1PW also gave an option to show a column with the name of the folders in the list of items (Title/Website/Username/Password/Modified/Created).

This information was "temporarily" gone for the last several versions/updates.

My vault is messy now. Should I still hold my breath? (or is this information available and I just don't know where to view it?)
Or do you recommend to forget about folders and use only tags now? (yes, I know that an item can have multiple tags but belongs to only one folder)


  • Hi @Locker,

    I'm so sorry to hear that this is painful for you! Honestly, I do find tags to be a much more powerful option than Folders, primarily because of the feature that you mention: the ability to add multiple tags to a single item. With 3,500 items in your vault, I think tags would really help to keep things tidy. I'm not quite sure how your current folder organization works, but here are some of the tags that I find useful:

    • Address (any website that asks for my address gets this tag - if I ever move, I know exactly where I need to update my information)
    • Credit Card (same as above - when my card details change, I know which sites I need to update)
    • AgileBits (all my work-related items)
    • Social (all my social-media sites that have personal profile information)

    You might use a completely different set-up for your tags, but this should give you a decent place to start. It is easy to tag multiple items at a time. Once you've created the tag, simply select all the items you wish to tag and drag them onto the tag in the sidebar. (So switching from Folders to tags shouldn't be too painful!)

    Of course, I'd be happy to mention to our developers that you wish that an item's folder was included in the top list view. You're not the only one who has requested such a change. :)

    ref: OPM-1153

  • Thank you for your elaborated reply. Good examples.

    One example where folders are 'superior' to tags is being able to nest folders. That way I can have "mutually exclusive" filing system.
    Combined with your excellent example of "address" tag, I see now how to benefit from a combination of both Folders and Tags methods.

    Of course, I'd be happy to mention to our developers that you wish that an item's folder was included in the top list view. You're not the only one who has requested such a change. :)

    Great. Thanks.
    But not only there; also in the body of the item, similar to how tags are listed there.

    And it's not a new idea. 1PW3 or 1PW2 (or perhaps 1PW1??) used to have it.

    (and those days you could select in the View menu what fields you want to see),

    It was removed 'temporally'. B)
    I am just notoriously patient. >:)

  • Hi @Locker,

    Thanks so much for following up here! I'm glad my suggestion helped, at least a little. :) If you're interested in a filing system, you might want to look in Smart Folders, which have a host of options for organizing your data - Smart Folders + Tags just might make you forget about regular old folders.

    That being said, your thoughts have been passed along, as promised. Thanks for your patience! ;)

  • I vote for Folders as well. Just showing the folder path in the search results would be sufficient for me. That's the only time I need to see it.

  • JasperJasper

    Team Member

    Thanks for the feedback, @Bob35758! I've added your vote in our internal tracker. :)

  • Is it so difficult for you to show what folder an item belongs to? You had it before. Bring it back. I'm suffering :s

  • Hi @Locker,

    Thanks for checking in on us! Unfortunately, I don't have an update for you on this time. I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering, and I'll remind our developers that you'd like to see this feature soon.

    ref: OPM-1153, OPM-94

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